Super strange plants

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  1. This is the weirdest thing I've ever witnessed.

    So basically my plants have had insanely slow growth they have about 5 days of growth and only have the two start leaves so I thought I'd have a look at what's down under and I picked it up and the root was only about half a cm long from where the stem starts. I do not understand what happened, these seeds weren't germinated.

    The other one was bent almost going back upwards with only about a one cm root. It seriously looks so weird some causes may be the soil they are planted in is pretty hard or may have been overwatered but the plants were still semi healthy(greeny yellow)
  2. Post a pic mate.
  3. [​IMG]

    What you see is what you get no roots under it pretty much just that.
  4. What type of soil is that?
    Is it outdoor or indoor (only ask because of temp)?
  5. Outdoor. Temperature has been great at the moment fairly nice t shirt weather soil has been warm but kept moist all the time.
  6. [​IMG]

    The first one is exactly what mine looks like except its 4 days old and still like that
  7. So is it poting mix, compost, or something else?
  8. Potting mix
  9. You could get a smaller container, change the soil to a seed raising mix with a ph of around 6.5 (dont worry about the ph if you are using seed raising mix), cut a coke bottle in half and stick it over the top of the seedling.
  10. Oh yea take it inside or find a sunny shelter spot.
  11. Well lately its been getting pretty much 12hrs of 100% sunlight all the time in scorching Australian sun.
  12. And I have been using a seed raising mix to grow it in.
  13. That's two days you can see the difference in the soil.
  14. Yes I see, I used the osmocote seed raising soil.
  15. perlite m8 and a coke bottle. I don't think that seed raising mix is going to be any good ( just had a quick Google is it the stuff from bunnings?)

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