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    Hello to the city. I have been on this site for sometime now and gotten alot of advice and tried to help some folks out if i could. I think i should let yall have a peek at my experiences, and what they have led me towards up to this point. I am trying to get pics for this so for the moment i am going to have to explain this as best possible, thanks for reading and here goes.

    Super stealth:

    1 mother, 16 babies- 4 in veg, 4 clones,4 flowering, 4 just harvested (all wh.widow)

    Mother is in sealed clear chamber, 4- 100w. 6500k cfls mounted inside, horizontal reflectors (home made). 4" exhaust mounted and sealed in the top middle of her roof. A one-way 4" baffle to the right bottom, also sealed around perimeter. A rez. water t-stat mounted at the front right corner for constant monitering- steady @ 69deg. A t-stat inside keeping constant monitoring of 82.7deg. and 65% hum. Co2 enrichment from a 20lb. tank w/ timed solinoid every 2 hours on the hour for 18 hours/6hours off. Co2 injected into vent line at the top of canopy. Vent fan 6" 250 cfm duct fan running for 15 minutes at the end of every 2 hours, clearing the chamber. Momma has been on week 3 veg for 3 weeks. Rez change every 2 weeks holding 4 gal of nutes, maintaining constant 6.4ph. 2 dual air pumps feed 4 16" air rods feed the root zone along with hydrogen per. and the holland secret formulas. The rez has been blacked out to protect the root zone.

    Vegging clones in an identical setup, have added 2 small portable ultrasonic humidifiers to maintain 75-90% hum. The overhead vent acts as a natural vent, due to heat rising, enough heat is released when vent is not running while the co2 falls in place. Fresh air is coming from near the top of the rez, this helps keep the fresh air cooler (near the floor, both rez.s 69deg.) Veg time for the girls is 3 weeks, they will be at the ceiling of the veg chamber. Automated timing. Co2 not perfected, no ppm meter or 1-5 min. timer yet, cant afford the controller.

    Flowering girls: 400w hps 80-85deg. lights on. humidity 20-40%, 4-4 gal bubble buckets, individually fed oxygen via 2 air pumps, 1 line in ea. at the bottom w/ 2 air stones ea. A 3/4" drain on buckets w/ drain valves, feeding back into rez. housing a 500gph pond pump filering into a 4-way irregation tap. This feeds all 4 buckets individually (to try to isolate issues that arrise for the individual plants.) Sealed room, over head venting the room is a 1500cfm squirrel cage blower mounted to the ceiling into the attic. Fresh air in the winter coming from the bottom of the permanently sealed door w/ a 16" square hold w a baffle to obsure the light from other areas. During the summer heat there is 8" flex duct that dumps cold air from the heating system on the house, can maintain 74deg. w/o co2 enrichment, 84deg./25-40%hum. w co2 enrichment. Co2 dumped from over head on the light and the continuous fan when lights are on.
    Harvesting every 2 months like clock work. Drying for 1-2 weeks and curing for 1-2 months.
    sorry for lousy pics, i am not good w/ computers.:smoking::wave:
  2. Pictures are'nt showing here, sounds great though.
  3. hey got new pics...checkem out

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  4. Wow man that looks like your about to do an alien autopsy or other crazy shit :p Space age way to grow herb my friend. So do you train them alot to make sure they dont outgrow those domes?
  5. Man, you mad me crack on that one, LOL, didnt even see it comin.

    Good luck with the grow dude, looks interesting for sure
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    momma gets her top chopped when she reaches the the top, and the cuttings from the botom keep her sides in check.

    When the babies get to the top they go to flower, got lucky i guess, they will make it to the top at the 3 week stage, kind of like auto timing to tell me when they are ready to :wave:flower.

    wellat least his way, no pests on the plants and it really does maintain itself, other than checking the ph, the lids and co2 make everything operate at the correct tamps and hum. but as we all know, i am still in there with them every day, just cant stay away, LOL!
  7. quick question, anyone tell me the best pure indoor sativa to grow, i havent found anything so far that will math w.w. in her potency, yeild and beautiful trichs. I was growing an unknown strain, kind of resembled northern lights, but to me, it really didnt keep my attention, not very potent, and the trichs were very mild, they didnt produce anything compared to the w.w. Looking for something stronger, and better in the pure sativa indoor strains. Thanks all for looking, reading and the input.

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