Super Sour Fire Og, Headband 303 Kush 1000Watt Organic Growfest

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  1. Sup Grasscity,
    This will mark the beginning of my third indoor grow. Pretty excited to dial a couple things in and put a trellis system in place. More on that later.
    Grow details
    -1,000watt USHIO Super HPS for Flowering
    -Apollo standard Metal Halide for Veg
    -3 strains, Super Sour Fire OG, Headband, and 303 Kush, all from clone
    -Running 5x 1 gallon GeoPots, which will eventually end up in 5 gallon GeoPots once topped and vegged some more
    -Cooking similar soil as last time, but essentially a mix of left over Fox Farm Ocean Forest, Roots Organic 707 Soil Mix, as well as Glacial Rock Dust, Rock Phosphate, Alfalfa Meal, Silica, Azomite, Crab Meal, Kelp Meal, Fish Bone Meal, soluble Humic Acid, soluble Fulvic Acid, Dolomite Lime
    IMG_20140729_211054 (1).jpg IMG_20140729_211336.jpg
    Currently working on creating a roll-out board to put the plants on with a double stacked garden trellis above. More on that in a week or two!
    Pretty excited for this grow and more pictures as things get interesting. 

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    Hi, Subbed I'm looking forward to the updates & good luck!
    Thank you! Got some big plans for this grow, just need to get some new stuff together. Pretty excited to try out trellising as I think it will make a big difference. Also shooting for significantly bigger / fuller canopy than last time. 
  4. Looks like your stepping itup! Looks great .... excited to watch "":)
    Thanks dude, gotta get on your level! Tons of good strains right thur. 

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