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super soft weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by James_Kushh, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I went to go pick up a sack at my dealers apartment this morning he sed his connect justt dropped off some bud so i went over there he served me up with a 2g's for 20.
    The bud smelt like a cross between Trainwreck and strawberry cough. It was some dankyy dank but it was soft as hell nd also sticky. I was rollin a J nd the shitt was so soft nd sticky i couldnt break it up. I had to rip it to little pieces. Im justt wondering if gc ever delt withh weed that was like that..
  2. its prolly nto fully cured
  3. I had a little nug in my pill bottle nd it wasnt as soft as when i picked it up..
    I was able to break it up easily.
  4. good for u man, good for you...
  5. It wasn't dried long enough is what it sounds like. If you kept it in a pill bottle and when you took it out it was more manageable, then that just sounds like it dried a little bit. Some folks like it a little more moist as it burns much slower, but personally I like it to have just enough moisture to make it sticky to the touch and still break up easily. If you continue to get the same kind of "moist" bud than I'd invest in a grinder. If it's really sticky than you don't have to worry much about it falling through as it will just about roll into a ball you can stuff into a pipe.

    Hope this helped

    The genius
  6. yeahh thnx Genius.
    Usually i get managable budd. It was prolly because it was freshly picked because his connect was delevering to him.
    Your rite it does burn wayy slower.. i rolled 2 j's nd they were burning so slow i started trippin..
    Thanks for the help.
  7. I like soft bud personally. I think it makes rolling a blunt easier.
  8. I prefer soft bud any day. It's so delicious and soft. :metal:
  9. I get weed like that almost every time I buy. It's not cured.
  10. #10 theHippie, Aug 26, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 26, 2008
    next to me posting that it was unsessicary that is the pretty much one of the most usless responses ever

    ... moveing on
    ive had shit like that one of my fac thing to do with bud that im gunna use in the next to days break it up and make a little bag by folding paper and put it in tthere itl dry it out a little for you, and you can use the little pouch of weed to pack your bowls and role your shits too plus when its gone burn it up no evidence lol....
  11. always.

    i call it bowl weed

    cause it's hard to roll into a joint that will hit
  12. A lesson to all who don't know already.
    try to get a wine/shot glass (i use a wine glass) that is kind'of skinny but not too skinny.
    then take a pair of regular fabric cuttin scissors, put your bud in the glass and cut away at it.
    • saves bud
    • saves time
    • saves trichombs
    >>Give it a shot<<

    Ps. i only use this method for dro*​
    Honestly and Truthfully
  13. it's just weed that hasn't been cured properly. try smoking it, some people like it better this way (like me) and some people like it better after its been dried a little bit more. just smoke it up without drying it at all and see if it's better or worse then the stuff you normally get. it's all just personal preferance.
  14. Define 'super soft' I get soft weed all the time and it's the best.
  15. i rolled a pretty fat joint withh it nd it burned slow as hell i was suprised but i prefer a little drier bud if im rolling a joint butt some softt bud for packin bowls
  16. a squishyy stickky soft. like a sponge. it was easy to mold that shitt into a cube withh it.. thts how soft it was
  17. i hate weed like this cuz u lose a lot of weight when it drys out.
  18. maybe not fully dried out?
  19. it prolly wasnt cause my dealer sed tht his connect justt dropped tht budd off.
  20. :confused::confused:
    c'mon now...

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