Super Smash Brothers 4 (Not Officially Named Yet)

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  1. Just thought I would announce, Mega Man, WII Fit Trainer and Villager from Animal Crossing confirmed.
    Stoked its on the 3DS, as well as the Wii U
    I want a 3DS now.  Anyone have a 3DS XL for sale? I have teh paypals

  2. Huge smash fan right here.
    Imo they fucked up Brawl a lot(I hated the characters randomly falling, thought some characters were too OP) so I hope this one returns more to the Melee kind of gameplay. I also thought Brawl felt considerably slower than Melee was.
    In any case, I'm excited and I'll buy it.
  3. Oh my..  Can't wait for this.  I was wondering where the new Smash Bros games were at
  4. Agreed 100%.  I played Melee competitively back in the day.  Made a trip out to Vegas for a major game tournament with players from around the world, and my team placed fourth.
    Brawl was pretty bad, it felt like everything was "floating" and combos got all weird and gay (no offense to the gays).
    I heard Namco was making this one, but Nintendo has a HUGE say in what it's going to be like. I have faith in them from previous fighting games, but for all I know this could ruin super smash brothers.
    Namco is brilliant at balancing characters, so hopefully it won't be a matter of who picks a top tier character.
    I also played competitively, I never traveled to tournaments like I did for other games but I was a part of my local/state competitive scene. 100% feel you on that floating feeling, I honestly feel like you never land with the characters. Plus they nerfed Fox(my main character) so badly. Who was your main? Also was it an MLG competition or something else?
    Yeah hopefully they don't fuck it up. I was honestly hoping Brawl would basically be a copy of the melee physics system with new characters. Anything they do to speed up the action should be good, hopefully they'll do much better at level design than Brawl as well. I had trouble playing a lot of the maps because most of them were moving or really unbalanced. I only hope Namco takes a moment to really look at why people ENJOY playing Super Smash Bros, and develop it accordingly.
  6. Ah I loved fox on Super Smash Brothers 64.  My main was Ness.  Also I couldn't get used to that silly ass wii-mote.  Yep it was a MLG tournament in Vegas, we drove out there from British Columbia.
    Only time can tell lol, gotta pick up a 3DS for smash on the go!
  7. you can get a 3ds pretty cheap on craigs list...wii u is pretty cheep too saw one with 5 games for 250
  8. Names confirmed : Super Smash Bros 3ds and Super Smash Brothers U
  9. im so fucking good at ssbm its the only game i was ever really good at haha im hype!

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