Super Smash Bros Melee stoned combo video

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    What's up guys? I'm GG7 in the Super Smash Bros Melee community, and I play Captain Falcon. For those who weren't aware, SSBM has a strong community of competitive players despite being a game that is nearly a decade old! We had a regional tournament called "Pound 4" recently and the entrants for SSBM were about 350 people, while the newer game in the series, Super Smash Bros Brawl, only racked in about 200 entrants. We even have custom texture hacks! For now, I'm not going to add too much other info about our community to this thread, but I plan on making this a thread to bring awareness to our competitive community and see if we can maybe gather new players.

    Anyways, about this video: I figured this would be an appropriate place to post this video, given it is the FIRST marijuana themed combo video! All the footage of this video was from me playing while high, so please enjoy!

    [ame=""]YouTube- "Kneegalize" - Captain Falcon combo video[/ame]
  2. WO that person is amazing dude! :hello:
  3. thanks man haha
  4. I'm curious, do you guys compete in the 64 version too?

    That vid was pretty impressive, those hop jumps you do are very precise.

    SSB is the best fighting game ever IMO, just the sequence of moves that can happen are just amazing if you sit down and think about it, they're probably light years better than any choreography that happens in movies.
  5. Holy shit, I thought I was good.
    Looks like I've got a lot of work to do...
  6. Do you play on heavy gravity or something? The movements of the characters just dont look right..

    I haven't played melee in years but I play brawl every couple days. I would love to challenge you if I could
    I use captain falcon too :devious:
  7. Yeah there's a very small SSB64 scene. You can go on youtube and watch videos of Isai, aka Malva, and you'll be very impressed because he's the best in the world by a longshot. you'll see him make some of the best players in the world look like scrubs. no joke

    i love the smash brothers series and Melee is definitely my favorite.

    Hell yeah man, pick it up and start playing!

    Nah, there's no modifications to the game physics. The only things set are

    4 Lives
    No items
    8 minute time limit
    5 neutral stages (and 4 counterpicks)

    besides that, everything is normal! i don't like brawl but i think i may play it sometime once i get the internet on my wii set up, then maybe we can play on wifi. but that game sucks lol
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    Ohh for sure. haha I don't remember much from melee man, I played that when I was like 15

    But just last summer my friends & I didn't have any games to play so we busted out the n64 & got down on the original SSB lol
    We were unstoppable at the time. But then I bought a wii for christmas & bought brawl like the next week.
    I do like melee way better, but I wouldn't say brawl sucks completely haha. They just put a lot of useless characters & features in the game.

    If anything, it's the Wii that sucks :rolleyes:
  9. awesome vid, loved playing as cptn falcon and using "the knee"
  10. hell yeah man KNEEgalize!!!
  11. Dayum, props to ya man. Whenever I played melee, I always focused on nailing people with random falcon punches. lol
  12. damn me and my buddies used to make tournaments of that all the time, i could kick serious ass with fox or roy!
  13. hahah,i wanna play against you :p

    i'm pretty pro in both 64 and Game cube,not some much in the brawl...(It sucks Balls) :laughing:
  14. I play the N64 version all the time high vs. friends and im pretty good (but watching Isai live im n00b) with Pikachu, best character ;):p

    I have the GC (holy shit guys...GC stands for GameCube AND im high) lying around somewhere...I should find it and...GAME :hello:

    :wave:Who's the best player in the GC community?
  15. Niceee.. Falcon combo vids are usually the best. I still play smash here and there, but only cause a group of my friends all play competitively so I just do friendlies when I'm there. This kinda makes me wish I kept playing.. I've always wanted a combo video lol
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  17. Nice, where are you from and who are your friends? They might know who I am or I may know who they are depending on how good they are.

    Hey man, the way I look at it is you can customize the game so it fits your needs, you know? for us competitive types, we like items off and whatever, but if you're into hyrule with hella items THEN FUCK SOME SHIT UP!!! haha. sometimes i'll do pokeballs on very high and try to combo people off of pokemon :p go play!

    Hell yeah man I love playing everyone. 64 is sick, brawl sucks!

    Isai's fucking pikachu is ridiculous!!!!!

    For those who don't know, Isai is the best in SSB64. Here's his pikachu against one of Japan's TOP PLAYERS.
    [ame=]YouTube - Isai(pikachu) vs Tsukuru(falcon)[/ame]

    The best player in the Melee community is Mango. He mains Jigglypuff but also plays one of the best Falcos and Captain Falcons because people can't keep up with his jigglypuff so he has to use his secondaries LOL

    [ame=]YouTube - Mango(Falco) vs Mew2King(Marth)1[/ame]
  18. After this thread I left COD:MW2 aside and re-start playing SSBM. Fun as hell when blazed :)


  19. I'm from NorCal.. You probably don't know them, but Foonz and BattlePenguin (BP) are the two main ones that go to tournaments, everyone else just plays local mostly. You might know of Lucien or Phil.. they've been to tournies that BP has thrown, but I don't really know them.
  20. Omfg best gamer ever!

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