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Super Silver Haze pickup, any experience with this strain?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Regus, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. I just picked up 4.5g of some organic SSH at the dispensary (4.5g eighth day, woot). I can't post pics but it looks like candy and i'm quite excited to smoke a few bowls tonight.

    I'll be smoking from a pipe unfortunately, but tomorrow i'll break out the bong. I've looked at reviews, but I want to know what my fellow blades think of this strain. :smoke:

  2. just had some last week def good stuff.enjoy it mang...i love it cant ait to get some more.
  3. I've gotten super lemon haze and that stuff was great :smoke:
  4. i smoked a bowl of super silver haze and was baked for about 3 Hours lol its one of my faves
  5. Super silver haze is probably one of the most euphoric high's ever :smoke:

    Enjoy :D
  6. That was the first strain I ever got from a dispensary, and HOLY SHIT. I might never smoke it again, don't want to taint that awesome memory.

    Also: haha taint
  7. I got some Super Silver from a club lab tested at 17% THC, Honestly I just love any Haze strain though they never let me down :D.
  8. great sativa. uplifting with a nice body stone as well

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