Super newbie question....Sorry too high to research.

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  1. First of all, great forum! Love all you guys.
    Ok so here it goes, in some rooms I see the clones by them selves, in other veg rooms I see the clones and the veg plants together.  Im assuming the lights used for veg stage are ok with the baby clones. Im also assuming that they both have same light cycle.
    ummmmm I think I forgot my question brb I gotta take a swat......ok so my point is with all the different size plants in the veg area ( I was just looking at someones grow room where they had some clones here and some over there with mid size veg and big sized veg that looked like it should be in the flowering just looked like a mess)  is the distance of the light for a clone/ young veg that important or as important than the latter stages? the clones looked like they were at least 3 feet away. just sayin......
    I wish not get any experts mad or receive negative attacks, I only wish to take your wealth of knowledge and constructive criticism as a gift. 
    Take care.

  2. The top of the plant canopy should be even in veg in flower whatever. If you have clones or smalls mixed in with others take an empty pot and flip it upside down or use whatever to get the small plant even with the others. If the clones are well below the others and light is far away they will stretch to the light, do not want.
  3. thanks for the input.
    eh...not really. new clones cannot handle high intensity lights as well as larger plants. so place them farther away from said light or use lower wattage...
  5. ohhhhhh. wow, thank you sir!
  6. "Sorry too high to research?

    ummmmm I think I forgot my question brb"

    Dave's not here...


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