Super Lemon Haze and Vanilla Kush grow.

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  1. This is awful got home from work today and found that thieves had stole 2 of my AC's and tried to get the one I was using for this grow and broke it my temp was at 89f and the lowest I can get it is 85 now may have to scrap grow will keep everyone posted.
  2. Damn that really sucks!! I've heard that plants can survive higher temps if you add co2 into your room. From what I'm told if your co2 levels are around 1200-1600ppm for them to survive in that high of temp... Also you would have to mist them more
  3. My bitches run 85 degrees without CO2, 95 degrees with. They need lots of airflow and good ventilation.

    Might as well let em try to survive, whats the worst that could happen by not chopping em down... They die?
  4. Went and bought a used AC and ordered a CO2 bucket hope it works out thieves were stuipid took no weed or a 50" 3D TV or $1500 cash sitting next to Ac in my living room. Think they just wanted to kill my meds I just don't get it.
  5. Plants still look ok think the SLH took a worse hit than the VK but as long as they don't hermie I should be ok. Just hope the heat didn't hurt the genetics 2 bad and the clones I take can grow stonger than the moms will put some clone in my other grow house and see soon enough. The SLH [​IMG] and the VK [​IMG]
  6. The VK looks like no matter what happens it's gonna grow great the smell is so strong and its only about 3" tall smells like it's in 6th week of flower already. Stronger smell than Sourd D in 6th week of flower thats Crazy.
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    Plants are looking amazing!! Wish we could smell through forum lol.
  8. Need to get a bigger filter before I flower th VK for sure .
  9. Plants seem to be on there way to greatness change BB water and cleaned ot the tent today here are pics of the SLH. [​IMG] side view [​IMG] younger leaves have turned yellow rite on time end of first week veg.
  10. These are pics of the Vk this has to be a great strain stinks and is short and bushy seems perfect for tent grows may move the SLH into a room all it's own when my dad moves out. [​IMG] side view[​IMG] no more whit film or smell in my BB either been adding H2O2 every 2-days when I topp off.
  11. Both plants are about to start 2nd week veg with GH 3 part on FRI like to run normal water 24 hours before I add nutes.
  12. Beautiful picture, very encouraging! Just starting our SLH seeds this week with a few other strains - So excited!!
  13. Thanks Bro the SLh is a monster now will post pics when I change rez on Fri just so busy with my Sour d rite now and helping a bud with some OG Kush at the same time.

  14. im planning on growing Vanilla Kush and OG kush (chemdawg 91) but i need to pick nutes... you ever use the ones your using now before with good results? ever have any deficiencies with those bb's?
  15. I been growing for over 15 years from age 16 I used all the nutes GH 3part is my just my fav I use advance nutes sometimes never had any problems at all until I did this tent grow but I knocked those out in a few days. And I may have got that because of the thieves. You'll love that OG though.

  16. what AN line do you recommend? sensi? the 3 part base? connoisseur? idk what brand i wanna go with.

    ive heard good things about H&G, AN, GH, and Maxigrow and Maxibloom... although i heard that you need alot of the additive line from AN to make their base nutes effective.
  17. Thats true about AN for you just starting I would advise you go with the GH 3 part to start as all other line are based off of this. Use this method GH 3 Part Nutrients - schedule and PH instructions - 420 Genetics and you should have no problems used it for a while and all I got was dank. You can use any adds you want with it and you can change it if you need 2 depending on what strains you grow. And as you get more EXP you can change if you want to, or stick whith it as I did.
  18. Sorry High was High and didn't read your post well I would advise you use the 3 part they have with rino skin and whaterver adds you want then when you advance try the connoisseur it will give you some great dank. I use it for my outside grow when I can.

  19. why wouldnt i just use the connoisseur the first time if its the best?

    i think connoisseur is a 2 part for bloom only correct? what should i use for veg if connoisseur is for flowering? the sensi line? or something other than AN

    thanks for all the input by the way
  20. Yes but it's for advance growers if you make a mistake or don't watch you rez close enough you could rin your whole harvest but if thats not a problem then go on you'll love the results. Just make sure you watch the Ph/PPM on your rez very close I messed up some good plants once.

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