Super Lemon Haze and Vanilla Kush grow.

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  1. I am about to start a Super Lemon Haze and Vanilla Kush grow and scince I am new to the site I will Doc on here to get the best grow I can and meet/help new growers. Feel free to comment or ask ? any tiime as this will help get better crops for every one.
  2. Ok so here is my veg tent set up for 2 mothers 1 FEM Super Lemon Haze form green house seeds, and 1 FEM Vanilla Kush plant. And also 6 clones wich I will let veg for about a month or so. I plan to set up a grow so I can harvest every month or so in a bloom tent with clones from this tent and my other grows. Here is a pic of my set up[​IMG]
  3. It has is a DWC grow and has 2 5 gallon bubble buckets for the moms and a 30 gallon tote for my clones. I have a 4" intake fan on the bottom and a 6 inch exhaust fan at the top that I will use for the veg and bloom tent. I have a T-5 4 2' bulb light for my clones and a 2x 125 real watt CFL grow bulb DIY light for my moms. I aslo have 3 fans in the tent to move the air around and a four outlet air pump to take care of my bubbles.
  4. This will be my first tent grow as well as the first time I have grown these strains. I wll be using GH Rapid Rooter plugs witth my seedling and clones with Sure to Grow media in my bubble bucket and tote. Please feel fre to leave me any info on this a friend says it works for him in tents 100% of the time but would like more feedback on the matter.
  5. [​IMG]
    I will use A GH ph p/down kit to take care of the PH, using Brita water as my base. With one of these air stones in each bubble bucket.
    also will put a SH pro drain kit on all pots so I can Drain fast and easy.[​IMG]
  6. Sorry forgot to post[​IMG] PH kit.
  7. Ok thats it for now will post more soon feel free to leave feedback or ask ? and if anyone is or has grown these strains please post pics or leave me some info. Hope they are as good as they say.
  8. I can see, and, take it from someone who knows go to a pet store and get a 4.5" flat disc air stones those things you got will bite you in the as (if you read my thread all the way through) those are the ones I had to remove from my BC
  9. also your roots should get pretty tangles together in a month in that clone box.
    I prefer to do my moms in square nursery pot at about a gal, that way you keep em small using standard bonsai techniques.
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    Will change the airstone asap inside of my clone grower are small walls that stop them from growing together(will post pics soon) that works great have used it before. Thanks for the help and check back soon.
  11. And I'm planning on bloomming the moms and taking clones every 2 months or so. So there size wont be an issue.
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    @ blakeshouse I could'nt find the disk at my pet store could I get by with the stones in my mom buckets for a month or so and what was the prob with the air stone.
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  14. The stones clog up easily with sediment from the ferts and then you got no air. Check for their stones that is whaere i get mine.
  15. NP will do it asap.
  16. Keep up the good work..i'm really interested in your nutes and to see how you do. or have you had good luck with them before.? i am using the SH. fire and forget for this grow....but would like to switch to something a little better...
  17. I have had great sucsess with the GH 3part and 2part Koolbloom. But used the SH F+F when I started but wanted to fine tune.
  18. Got one new stone and some GH FloraKleen to keep my pots clean and ordered seeds from. Marijuana Seeds - Worldwide Marijuana Seeds. Usally get from my DISP but a friend told me they give away great free seeds that I could use in another grow maybe outside.

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