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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chicklets, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. ok i have just started a plant and i have noticed that there is these white super small bugs in the soil i dunno what they are i went thru the sick plant forum and i couldnt find this bug so ill describe it is a small white bugs that are not round but they are about maybe 2 mm's they have no wings they are fast once i have the lights on the plant they seem to go aroudn a little bit until i turn them off and they all basicly come back to the surface i dunno what they are when i water the plant they seem to go into the soil i dunno will they harm the plant or not and if they will harm the plant how can i get rid of them
  2. Could be thrips. Use safer soap and/or neem oil.
  3. i have this too and i think they come in the bag of potting mix am i correct u used this?
    if so id buy some anti bug spray and just spray the soil when ever u see one its what i do and i have minimised bugs by 80% if not more. my plants came from outdoors to indoors.
  4. Dont kill all the bugs, remember good soil is alive, microorganisms break organic nutrients into inorganic form to be used by your plant, unless you want to chem the crap out of em.

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