Super high me

Discussion in 'Movies' started by monster90, May 19, 2010.

  1. Man that film is not only really interesting but frickkin hilarious.

    In case you havent heard of it its basically super size me but with pot. I highly recommend it to everyone
  2. yea i agree. Doug Benson is super funny and a true stoner!
  3. Would have been great if they replaced Doug Benson with a comedian that was ....I don't know, funny? The guys stand-up is pathetic. Other than the failed comedy it's decent. He also seems to rarely inhale the smoke.

    Doug Benson sucks balls IMO.
  4. I agree, they could have done better than Doug Benson. But the guy was still hilarious in a few parts of the movie, gotta give him that. Like when he went in to take the psychic test for the second time, high, after talking in the car about how he already knows the first one will be a triangle(or whatever). "*sigh*...I'm gonna go with... triangle."
  5. I think his stand-up is pretty hilarious. Especially the part where he talks about the "Above the Influence" commercial

    "I've been smoking the can't-find-my-keys weed, and somewhere out there there's some melting-into-the-couch shit. Maybe if I smoked that I would melt into the couch and find my keys" :D
  6. '

    i agree doug benson does suck balls, his comedy is like shit. haha. he needs to come up with better jokes and not all about weed. he's not even a true stoner either, and he does blow out like all his hits with out even trying to hold them in, im jones'n for weed and thinking WTF? why is he just blowing clouds wasting that good medical chron...

    if doug benson didn't do weed, he would be fucked, cuz thatz like wat all his jokes are about.
  7. what the fuck? doug is fucking hilarious in that movie and a funny guy in general i dont know what you guys are smoking
  8. doug was decent...

    not too bad not that good tho....

    i did enjoy the movies tho....

    high of course....

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