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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jritchie91, May 15, 2010.

  1. Alright, so I know many people may think this is blasphemy, but it needs to be done. I started my first grow spontaneously due to the fact that I had a bunch of left over seeds. Mainly for experimentation's sake, and because I thought it would be fun, I decided to try to grow my first plant. The seed sprouted around the middle of spring break and since then has become about 4 feet tall and is almost outgrowing my closet (not really, but I have an upper shelf that it is closing in on). It was going great and about 4 1/2 weeks ago (I think April 14th) I began to flower. The only problem is that I am leaving my current living space Monday morning and I will need to have my place cleaned out by Saturday night/Sunday morning (May 15/16th). I will also be unable to transfer my plant. This means that I need to harvest my buds tomorrow (sic.). Anyway, they look nice and I can imagine that they would grow into nicer buds, but right now they are very small with the largest top bud being about the size of a marble. Also, while they look a little frosty, it's nothing compared to what it should look like. Now I know it wont be anything great, but will I still be able to smoke it after drying and get high? I'm not really looking to get that baked but I would like to enjoy at least some spoils of my work.

    Here are some pictures...
    P.S. I cut off the fan leaves yesterday just to shine some extra light on the buds.

    up-close super early bud - Marijuana Pictures, Photos & Videos - Media Gallery

    top bud (super early) - Marijuana Pictures, Photos & Videos - Media Gallery

    smaller super early buds - Marijuana Pictures, Photos & Videos - Media Gallery

    After fan leave trim, close to harvest (super early, unfortunately) - Marijuana Pictures, Photos & Videos - Media Gallery
  2. you may get a buzz but its your call. if you have to, then you have to.

    if not, let ir ride out!
  3. youve already made it through the HARDEST parts. cutting them so early budding would be the same as being on the honor roll and dropping out a month a a half before graduating. i mean if you HAVE to then go for it but if you really wanna enjoy the spoils of your work, see if a buddy will help you for a few weeks...
  4. Since you said you have no choice, I don't really see the point of the question. Why ask us if you'll get high? Much better: do what you have to do and then post back here at GC to let us know how it turned out.
  5. So about two nights ago I was sitting around with a friend of mine and we had been trying to score some weed all night. We were unsuccessful. Then I remembered that I had my stuff which had been drying for the past few weeks. I had been watching it and removing small leaves since I started drying and by now I actually had visible decently formed buds (even though they were really small). I wish I had taken a picture of them but we were just excited to try them out. We had just enough for a full packed bowl and it amazingly worked. Of course it was not very strong but it was still pretty nice. Very mellow, slightly stupid weed, that made me very warm and happy. I have to say that I was pretty happy with myself.

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