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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by hippie john, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. This grow room is made of cardboard and 1" styrofoam boards. the walls are lined with aluminum foil and its lit by a 100W Hps mini system. the dimensions are 2' x 2' x 3'. It also has 2 computer fans, 1 intake/ 1 outtake. the whole thing is held together with duct tape.

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  2. mmm....kida small in the height tepartment is it the time you have a pot in there and then the max height of the plant and then the light and the distance needed from the light......i'd go for closer to 4'......Peace out.....Sid
  3. I think you could squeek by if you go Scrog.
  4. HIGH All, me I'd get rid of the aluminum foil which isn't as reflective as white paint. Flat white paint would be a much better reflector.

    Here's a reflective index of material.

    Black less than 10%
    Aluminium Foil 35-55%
    Semi-gloss White Paint 55-80%
    White/Black/White Film 70-80%
    Flat White Paint 75-80%
    Polystyrene Foam Sheeting 75-85%
    Mylar Sheeting (either type) 90-92%
  5. yeah, i think flat white paint would be best and cheapest. (unless you have some leftover mylar lying around).
  6. A 1000W would burn that box down.
  7. I've been considering getting some of that yellow foam insulation paneling , the stuff with the shiny metallic coating, some duct tape and glue, and building something like 2x2x6' and doing shop-lights vertical in each corner on a turntable. Maybe this week i'll pick up some insulation board and build up a box.


  8. it says 100w not 1000w:)
  9. hehaeaheahahaooo.. i thought it said 1000watt too.. im sorry.. that just seemed really hilarious..

    PS. Im StonEd


  10. doh, musta been stoned
  11. nice idea but way to small man needs to be like a foot or two taller definitely
  12. yea.
    definately gotta go BIGGER!!
  13. My set up is 2x2x5. I have 11,000 lumens of flouros. on one female that just produce almost 4 ozs. of very potent bud. You might want to take the top off to give it more room. But, I just wanted to let you know it can be done.
  14. Oh yeah!!!! Use mylar for your reflective!!!!! It is CHEAP and works the best. Go to a party supply store and ask for " silver coated mylar".
  15. if you do a ScrOG, you can get away with 2 ft:)
  16. Just like you said, HJ, scrog. I had a couple of sturdy cardboard boxes, within was 18"sq. by 3', outter was 33"x36'x 45". Those dimensions were chance, but proved serendipitous. So I cut a large door in the inner, spray painted the inside with white paint, (later I repainted, then laid space blanket smoothly to the wet paint, because flat white wasn't much help with fluros.) I used a squat round container on a plantdolly, and the fitted trellis allowed for easy access with a carefully declawed 10" gap. 4 dismounted tubes hung in the corner gaps, and a multitude of Circle lights(so hi-tech, back then.) hung down the center in bouquets and arrays They were already here, so I made do. It was time and labor intensive, and just an experiment to see if? I have no need to practice stealth within my own mess kit, (to mix a few metaphores...) My landlord is aware, sympathetic, and lackidaisicaly unconcerned what might ultimately happen to this old property, should I prove indiscrete or careless. But! if I couldn't grow without permission, I wouldn't sneak behind him, either. I'd hate to lose my lovely private shelter, however decrepit, by practicing deceit to repay kindness. I can buy plenty of pot for the privilage to sleep comfy and safe, and peacefully.
    All of you! stay safe and well... grow in peace. eg
  17. hey EG, this setup you speak of sounds great. i love using cardboard, i dont know why. i think its because its cheap and easy to work with. card board and duct tape, thats all i need to make a good box. i would use a carboard box more than 2 grows though, cause the humidity gets to the cardboard:(
  18. sweet, know any good places to find scrap wood?
  19. Cardboard and heat just scares me to much i wouldnt be able to sleep i like to use plaster board for little boxes as its easy to cut and can be taped together just like cardboard but its also fire resistant,its so easy to cut vent holes e.c.t.

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