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Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Chronic Bomber, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Me and a few friends Smoked a Super Blunt yesterday. We put 21 grams into it and it came out pretty good, better than the last 1 i smoked, which ripped at the mouth piece, and we had 2 end up hitting it out of the rip becuz the mouth peice was so clogged up. N E ways heres a few pics.
    Super blunt rap.JPG

    21 Grams Super blunt.JPG

    Roling Super blunt 2.JPG

    Rolled Super Blunt.JPG

    Me Super Blunt 2.JPG
  2. good shit man! i love HUGE blunts! how shitty was the bud u guys put into it?
  3. that's cool i guess.. but it's frustrating for me to see such a waste.
  4. how long did that burn for?

  5. How is that a waste? Its not like he smoked it by himself.

    and jesus fucking christ dude! Thats a whole lotta weed and a fat ass blunt!!! :hello: What kind of wrap did you use? I cant imagine that being a swisher lol. I'm green with envy! I have to take a mandatory 1 week tolerance break because i'm broke (damn un-paid vacations!). Literally made my mouth water...

    Also, props to whoever rolled that shit... I imagine that much weed, grinded up, was a pain in the ass to roll.
  6. The weed we put into it was actualy pretty good, most mids I get actualy are. It Burned for 50 minutes, and it was worth every bit of it. thats not really alot of weed.

    Mids 1.JPG
  7. That must have been one chill ass smoke session. I wish my blunts lasted that long.
  8. Haha it reminds me of a certain male member. But damn 21g's of mids in a single sesh. +re
  9. because you can only inhale so much.. the giant cherry is just burning in the meantime. Even if he smoked it with other people it's still a waste, I don't understand how it's not a waste at all.

    I guess since it's mids it's not that much of a waste, the weed looked better broken up haha.
  10. It was yours truely. It is kinda hard to do but not to bad. Used a wrap they sell at the local headshop, tasted good as fuck too but it should for $6. Looking forward to rolling another one sometime soon.:D
  11. haha, thats cool as shit.. but 3 Qs isn't a lot of weed to you?? daaamn man, you're lucky.. you must get a shit load of bud. do you grow?
  12. thats fucking sick!!!< pass it this way hahaah, +rEp keep thos pics coming
  13. I bet that was a fun session. + rep
  14. Damn that is nice. Someday I will have to smoke a 21 gram blunt:smoke:
  15. Naw i dont grow, I just got the hook up :smoke:
  16. i wish we had mids like that here in MA.
  17. i wish i was you. i would love to been part of that sesh. +rep
  18. Hmm do you mind if I ask what blunts you used? Honestly I've made a 2 g dutch last 42 min.
  19. damn you could have smoked out a small country with that blunt

  20. ive done acouple of oz blunts
    it may be a waste but its sure more fun than anything else

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