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  1. what's up guys I'm new to the site and would love to talk to some patients from states where da herb is medicinal. I'm from a small town in PA and can only get mediocre heads and mexican dirt mids for prices that are too high for the quality and I'm sick of paying for it. My dream is to one day live in Cali and become a patient so I can grow my own and maybe work in the industry but I don't know where to begin with that so any advice is greatly appreciated. Anyway I look foward to chattin up the forums with some fellow stoners, peace :smoke:
  2. Welcome to the city, blade. Hurry up and move out to the west coast already.
  3. Sup TheHosk! Broncos fan here sorry about the playoffs..jk Welcome to you! Sit back, toke up, and lol w/ us.
  4. Welcome to GC, happy toking!

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