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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MrSpanky, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. finaly i cann start hittin weed again ive been gettin tested but that shits over
    if yall ever hav any questions bout those "legal alternatives" u ask me Iv been hittin it for a year some r Spice Gold, Spike 99, and Wild Dagga. hit me up if u wana chat
  2. Yo spanky im on this dumbass program now...
    I get tested every week once a week and was wondering
    i picked up the spike 99 shit and wondering from someone experienced...
    Does spike 99 show on those drug tests??? Leme kno
  3. its pot pourii man! :confused:

    also spike 99 website says "not for human consumption!"


    fuck that legal shit! smoke wen ya can, T break wen ya cant!
  4. I feeel ya silver but do u kno if it shows on DT's???
  5. i wouldnt think so, as it is basically just a mix of herbs and spices, like that outta the kitchen!

    have a good check up on it tho! the last thing ya want is it to show up pos! ;)

    honestly though! i personally REALLY wouldnt smoke it!
  6. Y not cause it seems bad for you
    or cause u think i would show positive?
  7. well for 1, pot pourrii is the shit i got ta make my bathroom smell nice!
    it is just grind up herbs, how much they chargin ya?
    there would be no point in smokin it, as you will not be gettin high! I'm sorry to whoever doubts this, but its my opinion "herb" of that nature just dont cut it!
    i have heard on here, that it tastes like shit! and wouldnt expect otherwise!
    i really do not think it would show up on your drug test, but much the same way as people that have taken hayfever medicine test positive for cocainje, id be careful!

    Do you smoke cigarettes no? would this be for bonging? give it a goby all means, but i think if ya like ya green, ya wont be pleased with this!;)
  8. hey man i was once in your position and i was fucking estatic when i got off, i went straight to my buddys house and smoked some blunts! congrats on getting off tho, my advise would be go buy some weed :smoking:

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