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  1. Hey potheads, Im a new member to this newly found awesome site.
    I enjoy smoking bud almost everyday.. or when i can afford it.
    Im interested in how to make or get hash..
    I've never had it before.. I have smoked resen from my pipe when im out of bud. It gives you a little bit of a high.

    And i wanna know about recipes and such for getting high as a kite.

    Sweeeet, cheers. :smoking:
  2. keef out your bud with a screen of some sort, then gather all your keef and put it in a cellophane envelope( cig pack) then fold it into a square (makesure your keif is in one spot) wrap with wet news paper and then press with an iron ( hot but not hot enuff to melt the plastic) the keif will melt and turn a dark brown-green color. and your done enjoy your killer kief hash, the less plant matirial that is in your keif the purer and better tasting your hash will be.

    happy tokein my freind,

    if you have more questions im me at
  3. Order some seeds online from any seedbank, grow them out, and in a few months you can make your own hash. All you do is shake your trim or buds over a sieve screen and collect the kief that falls out, then compress. Your own homemade pressed hash will be way better than street hash 99 times out of 100.

    And you can make seeds, so paying only 1 time is a lifetime reward. Sell a half ounce of the weed you grow to purchase a couple new strains, and repeat the process. Hybridize the best specimens from the strains you like and work on the offspring, you could cross a knockout strain of your own. Working on my own beast at the moment.

    Welcome to Grass City :smoke:

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