sup evryone plated 2 plants in park tell me wht u think

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by StL16SmokithOUT, May 11, 2003.


where is it wiser to plant?

  1. golf course

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  2. park

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  3. behind my garage

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  4. on my roof

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  1. hey im new to this forum but when it comes to bud im not so new 3 year seasoned smoker and me and my friend just planted 2 plants in this public park... u might think theres no way itll survive but we have some hope. we found a nice spot behind this really tall brown grass in this forested area and we cut down a tree so the plants could get some sun... its not notice able to people in the park and its fairly isolated... i know this is illegal and a little risky but i just love weed! give me ure thought comments and whatever to help us out etc etc

    peace and love
  2. you best hope no one finds it and turns it in lol
    or oyull be shit outa luck man lmfao love to see this one keep us updated
  3. be careful...




    I cannot stres that any more!

    tell one person, and I guarantee it'll be stolen or reported to the cops.
    Its not inside, so they'll have no reason not to just walk up and take it.
    maybe they'r your friend, and they tell a friend, who tells a friend who doesnt even know you, nor care if you worked hard on that plant, they will come and steal it!
    BE VERY CAREFUL! put tape on the bottoms of your shoes so that footprints cannot be traced to you, aswell as wear a different pair of shoes, smaller or bigger than the size you normally wear.
    these definitalley help out! no way the cops can link it to you
  4. hey we didnt tell anyone!! we would have skeet friends that maybe are fienin that probably would take it! i got to corect something we put 3 plants up there and no one even really goes to the park and the rangers dont ever go off the road. weve been scopeing this area out for some time. im so excited for like 2 months from now. itll be sweet if everything goes to plan. and thanks for the tip on wearing diff shoes or puting tape under our feet. also were trying to go a different way through the tall grass so that no trail forms.

    peace out
  5. For real, make sure you and your friend don't tell anyone else.

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