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    so whats the deal here? ive been lookin for excuses to upgrade, are ALL magnetic ballasts this shitty? its like 37% efficient. im using 2 150w hps with advance brand ballasts (suppsedly high standards) and there almost if not more inefficient. im trying to help those who are thinking the 150 is a cheaper option cos its surely not presenting itself that way to me and the formulas used to calcualte.

  2. according to the powerchart i am looking at the 150w sun system comsumes 165w per hour. this ends up costing around $7-8 a month if you pay around 11 cents per kwh. Not bad if you ask me.
  3. 3.63a @ 120v does not equal 165w. OHMS check it out
  4. hmmmmm i was thinking about buying one of these in the near future so i take it its not so great?
  5. Naw go ahead they are pretty slick lil lights man, just dont quite consume what they say, If you can handle the heat and stuff, i would upgrade to atleast a 250 Digital, they're suppsedly 99% power efficient....I know a few people with them lil things and they are great, also ive heard you can wire up a capacitor to increase th efficieny on the lower wattage ones, i wouldnt try unless your an electrician, it could be dangerous.
  6. wow thats a lot of power wasted
  7. interesting. my hydrofarm 250w hps runs @ 2.5amps.
  8. ive recently been looking into just getting a 250 digi one

    i mean the price increase isnt super steep its doable

    those 150's are just so compact
  9. Yeah, i kind of figured when i purchased mine that i would be sacrificing some efficiency in order to gain the benefit of a smaller light. In the end, it really dosent bother me that much its worth the extra couple bucks imo. They are great little lights, especially when supplemented with some cfls.
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    i plan on using hps with cfl also

    possible sub the hps for a 90w tri spectrum led 9:1:1 red blue orange i think
    i got it from a friend free its got low hours on it

    bit up in the air at the moment had some shit happen today and friend gave me a mother and led light(sig thread)

    hoping i can get an hps in time to flower it

  11. Really, thats interesting, i wonder why the vast powerfactor variation? Thats clearly runnin on point.
    Do you have a Kil-a-watt or any tester? Im trying to figure this shit out, ive seen some insane numbers,

  12. Yeah in the right situation, you can do magic.:hippie:

  13. I have the same sunsystems power chart. Ill tell ya right now, Its more than you think man.
  14. I had two before I upgraded to 1000. I also had a mini 150 my buddy gave me. I sold them to a friend who is getting good use out of them.

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