Sunshine, a Brazilian IBL.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by OG bub, May 22, 2006.

  1. Here are some Sunshins shots.
    Grown in an Organic medium, under 1k HPS.

    They are consistantly a thick plant, extremely resinous and display toxic levels of potency.
    a numbing effect, and

    fast bloomers, never seen one take more than 60 daze. fat yeaild, as about everything get coverd with dence thick sticky funk.

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  2. heres a nother sunshine plant from seed, as above, but I topped this one a little bit before bloom.
    she also respods well to FIM, I havent SCROG'd her yet, but I think with some patients she could be a BIG filler.
    great trim for hash, awesome headstash.

    peace, bub:wave:

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  3. ugh, Just splooged my pants. What type of plant is that.(hybrid?) Also where do you get those seeds from? I would love to grow something like that. Especially in only 2 months. Please keep an update or make a grow journal for when you harvest her. That looks to be a great yielding plant!

    Nice job. What nutes/ferts were you using? Also how long did it take to veg?
  4. those buds look very nice. you seem to have quite a lot of strains growing around. wish I knew someone around here like yourself so I could grow out some strains like those from seeds. +rep for this and your bushy monsters in the other thread. :)
  5. Ian, its an IBL come outta Brazil in the 80's. you can buy the seeds at seedboutique, HillTemple Collectives: Sunshine.
    its one Ive had in the gardens for along time.

    High Hero!
    well, breeding is about my full time job.. so I usually have quite a few lines going at any given time.. if not to keep up with stock, Theres always alot to grow and make selections from ;)

    peace, folks! bub
  6. Alright man, now you've shown your stripes, this is exactly what I thought it was when I first saw your post but bit my tongue to give you the benefit of the doubt.

    Nice bud and all, but no selling here.

    Folks, this guy is just advertising his wares. Uncool.

    Moderator? Help?
  7. toasty...

    I merely awnserd somones question... Im not suppose to admit those are my plants?

    I... I.. didnt advertise ONCE!. Im not here to ad my seeds.. quite obviously.... hell I havent even LINKED my work once on this website?

    actually, you Added my biz for me way harder than I have with yer last 2 posts...

    Im here to grow and try and spread some knowledge... how bout you?
  8. Hey, you can't kid a kidder. What questions did you answer by starting a thread? What questions did you pose? What point at all were you making, for that matter, except to say that you got some great-looking plants and here's the name of the strain.

    To be fair, I have to give you credit where credit is due. If you really wanted to be sneaky you could have left your breeder identification out of your sig and just pretended to be someone posting about how great these strains are. I give you points for that, and it leads me to believe that this is more of missing sight of the line instead of some scheme to deceive.

    But make no mistake: when you post here and in reply to other threads -- some of those posts having nothing to do with addressing the poster's question -- and simply show great pics of your bud, talk up the strain, and identify the seedbanks where those strains can be bought, well that is a commercial, no two ways about it.

    I'm here both to learn and to spread the wisdom. I am a small-time personal grower, I got nothing on you in the experience category. The one thing I know is I don't know everything, but I do think I know a little. I believe this forum works best when everyone gets along and provides help and support, and I contribute to that wherever I can.

    I've been harsh on a few people who try to grow in their parents' house or ask a question that they could have answered themselves if they had lifted a finger, but to me that really is the help and support those folks need, even if it is a swift kick in the pants. Either I motivate them to do it right, I convince them to give it up, or they ignore me. Whatever. Any way you slice it, it's all good.

    It sounds like you have a ton to offer, I'd like to see you channel the experience you share here into truly informative knowledge transfer. If you are seen as an MJ guru and your sig IDs you as a breeder, you will get all the business you could want.


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