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  1. I just wanted to know if anyone is familiar with this product & if so what type of results did you have ? Your comments would be greatly appreciated,thank you in advance g.c. :wave:
  2. Hi LaMarr.....I just went to their website and I can tell you that I am going to give their soil a try. I am not familiar with this product, but I appreciate the heads up. I like the two layered aspect of their container packaging. I'm going to put up the link to the site for others to see. Thanks for posting this info.......+rep

    Sunny Girl Gardens News Page
  3. thanks partner,hopefully this tidbit of info will be helpful to many & promote big ,beautiful buds to everyone who decides to go this route.
  4. No worries Bro...........that's an interesting concept with the two different layers for the different stages of growth. You might keep a grow journal to chronicle how well this mix works.

    Do you live in/near Portland? I'm about an hour north of Portland. Anyway....welcome to Grasscity........good luck with your grow...............

  5. No where close so I'll have to deal with shipping, & right now I'm just in the planning stages of my grow trying to get all of my ducks in a row.Hopefully everything will be alright & we all can have wonderful grows.
  6. from what i saw on their site
    stay away from that trash.
    I dont see how their system works maybe it sucks so bad your roots dont reach that far down till late flowering haha.
    But with my Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice my roots are to the bottom of the bucket before their even 2 foot.

  7. You'd have to run the ten gallon size. I've tried doing a veg/flower layering in a five gallon. Let's just say transplanting works better, as Cannabis roots will hit the bottom of a five gallon in less than a week. I had some very stressed early veg plants.

    But, I've seen layered gardening ala Subcool, and a lot of other guys. They all run at least ten gallons per plant, though.
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    Having viewed cannabis roots grow 2" daily I'm a tad skeptical about the benefits of a grow medium layered for growth phase purposes. A 10.9 gallon Smart Pot is 12.5" tall, a ten gallon plastic nursery container 15" tall. I'm going to need some data that tells me roots are going to stop at the half-way mark, ~6-8", to complete vegetation and then start growing again in the flower cycle.

    On edit: that website was last updated 09-09.
  9. LaMarr

    I'll make this comment and stop there - "It wouldn't be my first choice. Or second. Or third. Or fourth. Or fifth. blah, blah, blah, blah............."

    Sunny Girl Gardens was/is Stoney Girl Gardens and is a breeder of MMJ under Oregon's OMMP law. She's very giving and passes out her genetics to a few of the unofficial OMMP groups that pass them onto new patients, etc.

    Here's a couple of cites on a few genetics from her web site - no editing on my part at all.


    Who knew?????????????????

    Ahem - redux....................

    You can see other strains here for your enjoyment.

  10. A 14' tall, 8' wide sativa that finishes in 28 days. I'm surprised Oregon hasn't clear cut all timber resources to raise that strain.
  11. :eek:For shame, Sunny Girl, FOR SHAME!! Bitch, please! Anyone who pimps like that hasn't a compassionate bone in their body. Exaggerating the truth is one thing (looking at you Dutch boys) but downright deception is inexcusable. Sadly, there are people that will gobble this up like a bum on a bologna sandwich (no offense, bums, I respect you guys more than her). She should team up with those other dipshits who sell "Elephant Bud" and "Oracle" for $2000.00 a ten pack or whatever their scam is. Who knew pot growing could be such a magical experience.:p
  12. Madodah sig says it all...."No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people."

    ~H.L. Mencken~
  13. Any of you actually grown one of their stains?
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    I am currently doing a micro grow with this mix and it has been great so far. I will have to wait to see what the end result is to give it a true thumbs up or thumbs down. To do a true test of their product, I will not be adding anything unless there are some deficiencies that need to be addressed. They say you don't need to add anything to have a great grow, but only time will tell if their product is as good as they claim it to be. There are many other great organic soiless mediums out there that you can use besides this brand though. I will keep you up to date with my grow and let you know what I think of their product along the way. If you end up trying it, I would be curious of your thoughts as well. :)
  15. It's pretty easy to take established protocols and in the realm of creating potting soils it's probably best to start with a basis. The overwhelming majority of potting soil manufacturers decided over 70 years ago to go with the (in)famous 'Cornell Mix' from Cornell University.

    Having said that, it's generally a truth that it's easy to take a simple concept (like mixing potting soils) and turn it into something beyond stupid. And Stoney Girl has done exactly that.

    I can easily come up with total and complete crap potting soil mixes - but even with a 6-month lead I couldn't come up with ANYTHING as silly and inept as Stoney Girl and her dim-witted side-kick have accomplished. The simple (i.e. simpleton) fact that someone/anyone would buy this sh*t for a 2nd run is a testament to 'stoner science' in general.

    Some things in life are beyond explanation.

    And yes - I've grown 5 different genetic wonders from this moron. If I described them as 'dismal' it would be the world's biggest understatement. Big time.

  16. Conceptually what she offers is a modified version of the subcool planting and plant nutrient method. Ok, no big deal. I've done that method or something closely similar and it works if managed correctly.

    Conceptually mixing the plant nutrients together in a matrix such that it will indeed feed the plant for 90 - 120 days is doable. I've come very, very close to achieving this. An occasional Tbsp of this-or-that 'just to make sure' is an exercise in caution. No big deal with that. It's part of the wonderful benefits of organic gardening. It's easy to underdo it but it's doggone hard to overdo it.

    If she's revealing all of her ingredients (probably not due to label laws perhaps) then she's obviously short IMO on ingredients. BUT she doesn't list qty of ingredients in ratio so we don't really know for sure. So, have to have a plan to address "deficiency". That's good planning for any grower I think.

    Haven't ever grown her strains and probably never will. Seems to me everybody makes a dubious claim of some sorts. That's why pictures of growers efforts go a tremendously long way to establishing credibility of this-or-that. Making gradiose claims is just marketing hype isn't it? Misleading? Be an informed consumer and it probably will wash itself out if an analysis of the detail, or lack thereof, before purchase. Typical thought proces I think. But IDK... what do I know? IDK because the more I learn the more I become aware of all the things I know nothing about. It's an evolution on a life-long comittment to learning I reckon. But, IDK.

    Seems like it's another case of caveat emptor but all in all conceptually it's not too far off the mark. Overpriced? It's worth only what someone is willing to pay for it and to stay in business one does have to make a profit. Nothing wrong with that. It's the way to keep the lights on.

    IDK... live and learn I reckon.

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