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  1. if you have heard of this band can anyone tell me if they are still around. i can't seem to find a band page online.
  2. ....In 1997, after months of speculation, the group re-formed, minus Mendel (who stayed with the Foo Fighters and was replaced first by former Mommyheads bassist Jeff Palmer, then by ex-Posie Joe Skyward), and in September 1998 returned with How It Feels to Be Something On, which was met with critical accolades from fans and critics, prompting more media attention than ever as well as a new tour. The dates also yielded 1999's Live, which helped whet appetites for the second studio album of the reunion (and the first not recorded for Sub Pop). The Rising Tide was released by Time Bomb in 2000, marked by a gentler tone and a stronger prog rock influence that resulted in some of the best reviews of the band's already acclaimed career. However, external forces conspired against the band; Time Bomb's distribution deal with Arista fell through, making promotion and touring all but impossible. Additional difficulties with their management soured sessions for a follow-up, and it was announced in June 2001 that Sunny Day Real Estate had disbanded. - Brian Raftery

    they were pretty good guys
  3. thanks dude yea i have rising tide and how it feels to be something on... but i didn't know whether they were still a band. thanks
  4. i remember them, i still have one of their cds..its pretty good, atleast that one cirlces or whatever it was i liked alot
  5. dudes yea i got the jeremy enigk cd online... return of the frog queen, he was the lead singer of sunny day and i guess hes going solo now. its pretty sweet in case you two wanted to check him out.

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