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  1. how effective is direct sunlight? like in lumens because i going to be useing electric and sunlight like through a window. any help will greatly be appreciated and thanks
  2. HIGH All, you can't beat Mother Nature's light's the best Halide around.

    Why the move from electric to Ma Nature? Why not just leave it were the the light is or keep it outside?
  3. i have been using Floro to flower,in my 2nd and a half week im not seeing the best looking buds comming from it yet. would it be more effective to put the plant in the sunlight for 12 hours then in the dark for 12 hours?? or would that just put it back into veg stage??
  4. i think that sunlight is a million times better than using flouros especially when it come to getting a yeild. Plants under flouros might produce an oz or 2 but plants under sunlight could produce a pound or more depending on the strain of course.
  5. The Sun is the best for plants without a doubt...

    as light travels from the sun it never loses it's intensity...the same amount of lumens hitting your face are hitting your toes...this doesn't apply to indoor lighting at all.

  6. The only reason I wouldn't do that is because it isn't even summer and the sun resembles a MH instead of HPS which mimicks the fall time orange-red spectrum....but you're flowering with flouros so I guess it wouldn't matter.[​IMG]
  7. I just have to agree ...

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