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  1. Post a pair that you have, a or a pair that you want. Looking to get some new shades and just want to see what alot of people are wearing.

    Currently looking at these or these (in Silver/Silver Mirror or Black/Silver Mirror)
  2. the first link in the last color
  3. 1st, im not a big fan of aviators though
  4. they're both gay imo so idk what to tell ya
  5. Guess you didn't read the first part of the post.
  6. sorry duuuuuude.

    1 sec
  7. heres a older pic but i lost the glasses a few weeks ago looking for a new pair like it

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  8. I am a sunglasses trend junkie!! :eek:
    And these...[​IMG]They will be mine! Oh, yes, they will be mine. :ey:
  9. Aviators own those.
  10. not imoooooooo
  11. i just have some cheap aviators, i have really bad light sensitivity i can barely drive on a sunny day without em so i wear em everywhere even indoors. People always gotta comment too hell that's how half the people in town recognize me.
  12. That's how I roll too, except the indoors part - I can't see shit indoors with sunglasses on.

    I could never bring myself to spend more than $30 on a pair of sunglasses, especially something as generic as aviators. I can get 2 pairs for $20 off a cart in the mall and when I inevitably lose them it's no big deal.
  13. I just got a pair of fully mirrored aviators in the mail, 15$ and they are pretty legit. I don't think I would buy a pair of 100$+ sunglasses, only would wear them if I wasn't high, which isn't often :smoke:
  14. I just don't see myself spending more then 20$ on sunglasses, even if I live in a desert.

    Though I do like loccs, just a personal favorite.
  15. Gangstagangsta.
  16. Cheap, and get the job done, just like prostitutes.

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