Sunday Night Chat

Discussion in 'General' started by KingPins, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Man, im just kickin it.. watching the Indians struggle against NY down 3-5 in the bottom of the 6th.

    smoking a bowl and chillin

    how is everyone doing tonight?:smoke:
  2. lighting paper towels off the toaster to light my bowl
  3. I have a killer headache! and alot of my mind, but outside that im pretty good. cant really complain, wouldnt do me any good if I did
  4. well i hope your indians beat the yanks since the red sox already won today winning their serious it would just make my day even better to see the yanks loose
  5. ok joke at baseballs exspense!

    What is a yankee?

    same thing as a quickie except you do it alone!
  6. im pretty drunk right now, im on my 11th corona. my uncle came over yesterday and left some beer and i cant let it go to waste lol. puffing some kush and eating some white castle, these lil burgers are tasty. hope yall are doing nice
  7. Damn Cleveland lost.

    I think i might start drinking soon too!.. or shroom.. thats still a possibility for this evening.
  8. Right now, watching Sunday Night Football (Go Packers!) and being sick as fuck. I hate being sick. Any advice on whether or not I should smoke weed? I have a slight sore throat, and a nasty ass cold.

    But yeah. Thats my sunday night so far.
  9. King do you grow your own shrooms?
  10. Well, it's my last night home...

    I'm just chillin and relaxing. Watching family guy, and I'm gonna have a quiet night.
  11. Chillin. Playing some madden. Smokin a bowl. Having a beer. I won 275 bucks today with my NFL bets.. its been a good day.
  12. I have for some time, although it's not something im doing at the moment.

    Hell yeah, winning money always pwns... im actually playing some madden right now :smoke:
  13. I'm determined to finish off this bottle of Malibu before I go to bed. I've got 5 shots down already, I'm pretty wasted, cause I'm a lightweight.

    The husband fell asleep, so here I am, talking to myself all drunk. Typing surprisingly well... though I did have to use the backspace key about 30 times to spell "surprisingly" (I went slower that time).

    Time to smoke a bowl.
  14. junksterrrrrr get on aim if you get a chance

    SWIM bought a 1/4 of blow and is having ALOT of fun tonight :D errr today damn its almost 6am

    ALL NIGHTER!!!!!!!!
  15. I hear you man... its just past 7am here and im def starting to feel tired as shit. hopefully i can drop my girl off at work, sleep then pick up some bud later tonight and watch the cowboys stomp the bills.

    nice to see someone still around this morning
  16. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    yeahhhhhh man
  17. mon mornin now but im still hung over as hell....smokin a bowl to take the edge off. i dont like smoking this early, but its the only medicine i know of that KILLS hangovers.

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