Sunburn ANTI-appreciation thread :(

Discussion in 'General' started by Sir Elliot, May 23, 2010.

  1. Blades,

    It seems I have caught the one disease that marijuana does not cure and/or reduce the pain off.

    It's called sunburn. OW OW OW OW OW OW OW.

    I just feel the burn more :(

    However marijuana + aloe vera + sunburn is like being trapped in a snowglobe of pure awesome.
  2. I feel you, I'm pale as shit so I have to wear tons of sunscreen if I'm going to the beach or something. I envy those who tan naturally.
  3. I dont suffer from it. Im dark skined lol (from the caribbean.).
  4. thats wierd how only us honkeys burn.... wtf?
  5. Just got back from community burned me to pieces...blehh...:(
  6. Im white, I dont burn very much.

    If I do get a little burnt its usually gone by morning.
  7. I can get sunburned pretty bad but thankfully I also tan well if I'm careful. I've already been burnt once this summer... If I can get a nice heavy tan then by the end of summer I don't burn nearly as bad.
  8. I'm pretty tan, but that's cause I spent all my time in the sun, whether it's work or leisure time. So sunburns aren't a problem for me. :p
  9. Fuck sunburn, that is all.
  10. Im not so sure thats true.I had this conversation with a guy who is not a honky lol , im sorry i dont know the correct term to use.He assured me he gets sunburnt just as easily even if its not as apparant.
  11. I remember the worst sunburn I ever got was like 3 years ago when I went to Mexico. I got super sunburned on the backs of my knees, and every step I took for like 3-4 days was agonizingly painful. Sunburns suck. I feel your pain dude, I've been burned way too many times to count. Remember, aloe is your friend.
  12. Never had one in my life,but Imma light skinned brotha.
  13. Yeah, well the irony there is people of African descent statistically have more cases of skin cancer, so don't think that dark skin makes you suddenly "immune"...Weird how it works that way, really...
  14. Shiiiit, I don't see how you burn just a little man...I mean, damn, look at your avatar...You're like the whitest guy here...:D:D:D
  15. [​IMG]

    I like to think I tan pretty well.

  16. Im a mix of Spanish (spain. so white), African, and NAtive Indian. Am I in those statistics?? lol :confused::confused::confused:

  17. yeah...I wonder how a sunburn would feel...

    Nature is just painfully shitting on yall :rolleyes:

    JK JK JK :smoke:
  18. dude i feel you man i fell asleep early one morning on the beach and didn't wake up until like 1 ocklock and my whole fucking body was completely burned shit fucking sucked.
  19. Like in the movies! :eek:

  20. damn hahaha. that sounds sooo funny man. i feel sorry for you but damn that makes me laugh lol. reminds me of that scene on the Carrot Top movie "chairman of the board" when the guy gets knocked out by the tennis ball throwing machine. Later he notices the bad-ass sun burn on his face because the tennis racket fell on his face and he was under the sun all day knocked out hahaha :hello: ....

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