sun rise ? why me?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by the rainman!, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. iguess my pain dose not read the clock! 4;45 got up took meds to much skull pain ! i guess i am up ,i am going to make some coffie ,any one out there want a cup ? drip go shit dudes ,ya its me again ! do i ever sleep ,iam not sure i know what night and day is anymore .it has no meaning for me anymore! my pain dosnt care if its night or day!it just dont go away ! think god for meds weed and coffie!and most of all grass city to night ! set and think of the great people i met here and wish they were here at this time so i could talk to them ,but on the other hand i hope they are fast a sleep with the dreams of loved ones ,and safe in their homes ,not up awake at this time of night and not with kind of pain ! in away i am glad god picked me for this test of faith i know i can beat the odds ,and in my mind i know you all sleep safely and that helps alittle ,whats to be of the darkness i see it well give way to a great sun rise and i well be up to see it ,maybe god is looking after me after all! i here the morning doves coing in the early sun rise ,i guess there calling me to take a early morning walk around the farm and check on the house why every one sleeps !i bet the deer are in the hay feilds and feeding this morning, they dont run when they see me any more ,i guess i am not going back to sleep ill look over the farm why tohers do leaveing them safer and me happy to have give them safety with out them even knowing ,takeing a bad thing and makeing it work for me and others see it just cant beat me ! lol good morning world ,i know it is because i am tazz11 !
  2. good morning, tazz
  3. good morning highawatha! how everthing going to day.hows the olman do and the kids ! fine i hope .hope your safe ! good luck tazz11
  4. Hope the rising sun brings a relief of your pain!!! Sending ya my best wishes and prayers!! Peace to you Bro :hippie:
  5. Karma coming your way from me. Of the good kind.
  6. i dont worry about pain any more i just live with it ! it always their it is my freind now ! it tell me i am still alive !its been their for going on 4 years aug, so i dont think its going away soon ! being alive is worth the pain! good luck tazz11
  7. sorry about the spelling guys ,i ve been on meds all morning and up their in lala land ,latter
  8. highya tazz,...thanks for asking., were all good an hanging in there,...what else can a body do? :)....
    sometimes it feels nice to have the sunshine touch your face no matter what.
    peace friend.
  9. i know life can be good ! "what can a body do" ! when i was in the navy i tryed to find out but thats many smiles away in the past ! lol its good to hear you all are fine ! and a sun tan can be nice when its goten by working out side with the flowers and plants ! or just takeing it easy in the back yard !the hamic has my vote!

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