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Sun Pulse Ballast Splitter with DIGITAL 1000w Ballast?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by DubSacAssassin, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. I want to run a 1000w Digital ballast with a sun pulse splitter and two 600w hps bulbs. Is this ok to do?

    Here's a link to a video I found on YouTube showing a quantum digital running two 600w hps.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuLsUApPjCo&feature=youtube_gdata_player]YouTube - (1) 1000 Watt BALLAST POWERS (2) 600 watt Bulbs! Sun Pulse Splitter Monster Gardens[/ame]

    Is this all just marketing jive? I would assume the digital dimmable ballasts should be able to handle this no problem...
  2. Yes, these splitters are designed to run two 600s with the 1000W. You have to use the sun pulse bulbs though.
  3. Does anyone know or tried this out yet?
  4. I use the splitter with a pair of 600w SunPulse bulbs. Either two 3k lamps or a 3k and a 10k. I've been using this setup for about 6 months and will only buy Sun Pulse bulbs now. Also have a 1000w Hps in same room but I like the results of the 600w SunPulse better. They run a lot cooler than the Hps. I will be changing from the Hps to a single 1000w 3k SunPulse in the next day or two as I dont have enough money right now for the splitter,two bulbs and a pair of hoods. Maybe next year when i replace the 1000w bulb I will upgrade to the two 600w bulbs.

  5. Hey trip thanks for stopping by! Those sunpulse lamps sure are attractive!! I haven't tried them out yet but I have found that the splitter is not so effective when it comes to light output...Personally I prefer to run 1 600w bulb per ballast as i feel the output is alot greater especially on the super lumens setting. I will be trying 2 400w mh bulbs on a 1000w lumatek as soon as I can get the bulbs.

    The sunpulse splitter does work as advertised but the bulbs just don't get very bright when running 2 600's.
  6. Hey Dub,

    True, if I had the money I would run four electronic 600w ballasts with the SubPulse 3k bulb and then switch to the 10k bulb for the last 10 days. But my first purchase was a 1000w mag ballast, so i am just trying to get my monies worth out of it. I figure a 1000w ballast puts out about 1100w so I am running two 550w MH lambs. A 600w ballast puts out 680w. If I am using two with HPS lambs then thats an extra 260w (1360w for both) and while that is more lumens it is extra heat. IF only 20% of that hps light is usable (to the plant) and over 60% is usable with the MH (with less heat.) which one would you use? That is the short verision of the SunPulse arguement. I have grown coloas that had 2" Diameter all 14" long (mystery seed from Dutch seeds) with these lights.

  7. I think you are confused about the power consumption/output on the equipment you are using.
    A 1000w mag core n coil ballast consumes about 1100 watts. It does not put out 1100w! I would say it puts out less light and uses more energy than a 1000w on a digital ballast. I personally like 600's ALOT MORE! a good 600w bulb on a digital ballast will give some great results. Not to mention you can run 2 lights in the place of one 1kwatt light. If I were you I'd start buying up 600w digital ballasts and ditch the core and coil as soon as you can afford to. I have seen better growth from using dual-arc bulbs than any other type of bulb. HPS for veg and 3 weeks into flower then dual arc from then on.
  8. I buy cheap bulbs off eBay but nothing really compares to the horti super hps line in my opinion. I would like 4 600w super hps and then 1 vert 400mh in the middle :)
  9. It sounds all true. Thanks for your time and advice.


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