sun and moon.. could they ?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by 420ismybday, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. could the sun and moon be anytype of symbol or anything? Its like the sun and moon are always watching me.. same with the birds.. and lights i think lights are the eyes of god and black light is the light of a dark force.. thats why you usually do bad things at night ! woohooo im blazed someone help me out here.. back me up! w000h000oooOoO00
  2. ah to have the views and imagination of a child's mind's eye. :D

    you could be somewhat right. but there is a little more science behind it than the way you put it.

    so are you saying that photons are somewhat like our "guiding force" and that a lack of them is like some form of.... (for lack of a better word) damnation?
  3. Civilizations have been based on the theorized answers of such questions.
  4. Sun is the light of an day and source of life.
    Moon is the mirror to that sun.
    I like the idea of sun and moon having some "spiritual" powers, moon is our planets sisters, a dead one yes but still an sister like an quardian watching us during the night, just shining on there telling us everythings OK I'll watch over you when you're at sleep.... or something
  5. It takes photons 100,000 years to travel fromt he core of the sun to the surface, and then it takes only 8 minutes for photons tot ravel fromt he surface of the sun to Earth. Interesting isn't it?

  6. and it forever blinks/winks at us

    ooh! ooh! poll idea.....

  7. This struck me so subtly.
  8. I've thought of it in terms of living for the day, and living for the night. If you only live for the day, it can become easy to get caught up in your ego, making sure that you have the biggest car, the biggest house and that you follow along with the status quo.

    If you live for the night, the things that you have in the day, seem like a puppet for the things that you do in the night; like a facade of your really working. However, if your night working is still just working for the day, all your really doing is day working at night. (Or working for the moon)

    However, after realizing that we all trip on DMT when we are in REM sleep. I believe that when you are in REM sleep you are plugged into the universe; and it is like the second part of you that we all ignore.

    I mean, we all seem to think that it is are acomplishments in our waking life that make us who we are. Yet we all have to sleep. All the money that you make in your waking life, disapears when you go to sleep and plug into the universe. Because at that point your just another spec among the millions of stars.

    One could say that your dream world, is just as much of a reality as your waking world. And just as important.

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