sumthin wrong???

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by TheGuy032, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. Iridescent leaves

    Seeds or clones, source? seeds

    How old are the plants? 3.5 weeks

    How big are the plants? 4 -5.5 inches

    Lighting wattage & distance? 400w mh, about 20 inches away

    Soil ingredients or hydro system? 1part vermiculite 1 part perlite
    3 parts black gold all purpose

    Container size? 2 gallon

    Watering frequency? How do you judge this? about every three
    days, soil dry to about an inch down

    Fertilizers used and how often? bat guano tea 10-3-3, miracle grow all purpose 15-30-15, about every 3rd or 4th watering

    How do you ventilate the space? big fan blowing on my babies and on my light circulating air in room, little 5 inch fan blowing air in as well as gap under half of my door as air intake, exhaust....a hole in the top of the wall near the cieling...had a fan but it was too loud.

    Other details? Include photos if possible.
    Temp is a steady 85 during lite and around 70 during night hours, just bag seed, my problem: a couple of my plants are exhibiting a kind of iridescence on their fan leaves, is this normal, what could it be, i dont have pics, they dark green, and look pretty healthy other than that. i have them on a 19/5 photo period.

    any advice?

    possible phosphorus deficiency.......leaves kinda have a purpleish bluish hugh to them either that or just really dark green
  2. i would just flush, whats the purpose of giving bat guano and miracle grow? youve got to be overdoing it on the nutes
  3. ....and this is still occurring even today!!!! ..tho he could have saved the situation by using a mix of Black Gold at 50% and perlite at 50%
  4. Dude!  What time machine are you in?? The 2003 zombie threads are many!!
  5. Better late than never ....I ain't the Zombie here '67.

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