Summer's Over? Not in LA

Discussion in 'General' started by WildWill, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. It's the hottest day of the year in Los Angeles today

    113 Degrees! Today is Downtown LA's Hottest Day on Record - LAist

    I've been inside all day today, sitting NEXT to my new 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner that we inherited from our neighbor, and the temperature near me has gotten as high as 86 degrees. Of course it's over 100 outside.

    My Mom just called, she lives about 5 minutes away, less than 2 miles - and they have no power now, it's a stage 2 power outage. They may not have power until tomorrow. DAMN, time to turn some stuff off.
  2. Welcome to life in Phoenix Arizona, except for 1 day of 113 degree heat we have 3 weeks of it.

    Words of the wise, drink ALOT of water.
  3. :eek:
    That's hot!

    Glad it's finally cooling off up here:D
  4. It's been hot in DC too. not today, but the past few days have been 95+.
    I know I know, not your 113, but its soooo muggy.
    I keep having to peel my nuts off my leg.(tmi?)
    my whole house is so stuffy. ugg.
  5. florida is like this most of the year when you account for the humidity
  6. It was 45 in Indiana this morning...

  7. This man speaks the truth. IT is truly hell. Fack!

    So much for Autumn ey? Fuck the heat :mad:

  8. We always have the worst weather man
  9. It's been an extremely hot day in LA, I agree. But then again, if you've ever been out of the city you'd know that other places are even worse because of the humidity.

    Either way, yeah, it's hot as hell. I can't wait for winter to get here.
  10. yeah what the fuckk its almost october. I need some cooler air for my plants lol
  11. Main, Shiets been fucked up all over i guess. We've had a hot ass summer here in Michigan. And then its been down in the low 60's n shiet for a week or two, Then it got too like 95 degrees when the night before it was like 30 degrees cooler. Shiet makes no sense.
  12. 107 degrees where i live, and it was like 95 at the beach, which is really uncommon for where i live (central coast cali). Its kinda nice to be able to use my pool still but sucks that the world is coming to an end, since the earth obviously isn't recognizing seasons anymore... :rolleyes:
  13. ^ this. I'm so used to this Phoenx weather I wear a hoodie if it drops below 100 ;)
  14. 109* here in ps, i hate how mother nature teased us with that epic weather a week or two ago.
  15. about 55 last night here in maine, but we had cloud cover. supposed to get up to 70 today.
  16. haha! It was probably in the high sixties this morning. MANY people here consider that too cold for some reason. Fucking pussies. I want a goddamn ice age this winter
  17. 12 celcius over here :p CAN'T WAIT for hockey :cool:
  18. it's in the low 50s here in the Netherlands. Summer sucked ass this year, lots of rain, pass some of those degrees this way.
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    i've been in 105 degree west coast heat

    and i can say with confidence that i'll take your dry heat over the east coasts humid stretches of 90-100

    its like drinking boiling water when you inhale

    and spitting battery acid when you exhale.

    the sun over here isnt as brutish as it can be for you guys, though

    often our hottest feeling / most miserable days in terms of heat are overcast and muggy, and it's the worst at night (not the hottest, but the most humid and dense)

  20. It's 60 degrees up here in quite ol' Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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