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summer mj bucket list

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Scrilla Boss, May 26, 2010.

  1. so my friend and I decided we were gonna make a list of smoking related things we want to accomplish this summer, but we need some help thinking of more things to do here is what we have so far

    1. eat an entire vermonster from ben and jerrys blazed
    2. from the minute we wake up to wen we go to bed that night not be sober
    3. smoke out of a bowl, bubbler, bong, vape, joint, and blunt in one day
    4. go to six flags high

    thats all we have lol
  2. I do number 2 every day:smoke:
  3. 1. Go on a kayaking trip high.
    2. Venture through a forest on an all day smoking trip.
    3. Watch Discovery Channel's Life high on blu ray.
    4. Watch Planet Earth high on blu ray.
  4. Instead of one day without being sober make it a week. One day is too easy it's not much of an accomplishment.
    Smoke an ounce in one day.
  5. 1.sit by a waterfall and smoke a waterfall bong
    2.get someone new into smoking
    3.make a lego masterpiece high
    4.share the love
  6. ^^ i totally agree but the main problem is i dont have that kind of money to go through an o a day hahah and ya im deff gonna have like a camp out with some friends
  7. if u are able to, try and bring a bubbler to the beach and put ocean water in it and blaze it while like waist deep in the water.

    my cuz lives in san diego and we went surfin with his homey we paddled super far out til it was calm (not too far but pretty far) and his homey pulled out a water proof pipe case wit a bubbler, lighter, and about 3 grams and we smoked ALL of it and they surfed really good but i dont surf very often (maybe 2-4 times a year but i skate everyday so im alright at it) and i didnt do as good as i normally would but i had a blast while blasted and it was an unforgetable experiance
  8. 1. Get laid while ripped!
    2. Learn some new smoke tricks
    2. Smoke too much ahah
    3. Roll a cross joint, blunt
    4. Conduct a survey on the local opinions on Marijuana and its medicinal value, then write a report which you can hand off to your state legitslatures to put into house!!! :smoke:

  9. Yea most people don't (I don't either). I wish i did. That would be a great accomplishment to smoke an o in one day. Anyone here ever done that?
  10. A bit of a waste, no?
  11. Be the first person to ever OD on weed! Assuming it's possible. :smoke:
  12. I mean if I had the money personally no I would do it, you think snoop doesnt smoke an O a day? ;):smoke:
  13. Probably hahaha but I'd say that fucker has money to wipe his ass with so why not
  14. Oh number what is it now 6? Idk.. But save some of every strain you get to make one mega blunt out of a hundred dollar bill on the last day of summer. epic? yes. realistic? probably not. You beings to shit faced to realize class is back in the next day... Priceless
  15. - climb to the top of a mountain/high and smoke [bonus points for sunset]
    - make edibles if you never have
    - hotbox at the drive-ins
    - rollercoasters, rollercoasters, and more rollercoasters

    i just thought of these, and now i kind of want to do them haha

  16. I've always wanted to smoke out of a hundred dollar bill too but that would be kind of nasty if you think about wear that thing has been. It would still be awesome though apart from all the diseases you would get from inhaling god knows what was on that bill.
  17. smoke while flying in a hot air balloon.
    smoke while parasailing
    smoke with monkeys (im doing that when i go to costa rica)
    hmm thats all i can think of now.
  18. free marc emery
    roll a 3gram blunt
    smoke and then smoke some more
  19. #19 Highrightnow, May 26, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 26, 2010
    Mines pretty simple, have a fucking good time.

    In more detail: 1) have a proper wake N bake (I know i should have done it, but with college its hard)

    2) Snap a bowl with my best mates on a top of some fucking mountain (not like a snowy one ha)

    3) partttttttttttttttyssssss

    4) basically be fucked for a whole summer and let the good times roll in, wouldnt mind some hallucinogenics too.

    I can't be arsed to write anymore, hella high.

    EDIT: I forgot, roll a fat blunt and smoke it at a festival, only have them very rarely.
  20. make a lego bong! i've heard of people making them work, like using super glue ect to make it air tight ect

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