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summer jobs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greenbliss, May 14, 2010.

  1. Hey I really need some money so I want to get a job for the summer, I dont know If I want to deal with all the shit to detox for a drug test. Is there a list some where of job that dont DT? Is it already too late for a summer job anyway considering it will be mid june until I could pass a DT anyway?
  2. it probably wouldnt take till mid june to pass if you really tried. i dont know your age or status or anything but most fast food places dont drug test, but a lot of retail places do
  3. all the supermarkets/restaurants ive worked at have never tested, or mentioned testing to me
  4. start apply early june, cuz once you find someone who actually wants to hire you itll prolly be mid june/early july. then you have july and august to work. unless you count september as a summer job, but prolly not.

    so its up to you. 1 month without weed for 2 months of work. Well, 2 months work + 1 month not spending money on weed. So you make money and save money. Up to you.
  5. Your best bet is to hit up the fast food industries (Most are too cheap to care about drug tests yet)

    • Taco Bell (My place of employment)
    • KFC
    • Pizzahut
    • Burger King
    All those places are probably going to be your best bet. However if you feel you want something a little less greasy you can get stuff from your local headshop to help you detox (Or you can find it online) It can detox you in two days no problem as long as you follow the directions.;)
  6. Privately owened, or smaller businesses don't usually drug test. Try out a local supermarket, restaurant, gas station that is not a chain. Yard work is also an option, if you want a more physical job.
  7. I worked at subway and never got tested.
    I'd go there buzzed sometimes and make other stoners some incredibly sick subs. XD
  8. also apply at as many places as possible. go on the interviews. if they mention a drug test just never go for it and if the employer calls say you found another job. youll probably find one that doesnt dt on your first or second try
  9. #9 greenbliss, May 14, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 14, 2010

    I really dont want to work at a fast food place.

    This would be so much easier if my uncle would just hire me. He is a small business owner and I have smoked with him, so yeah, he doesnt DT. But he thinks it would look bad if he hired me.
  10. Be a pizza delivery guy at a non-chain place. It's sweet. Nice tips, and you can smoke. I'd just suggest not smoking before work b/c it sucks driving a lot while high.
  11. I'm looking for a job as well in WA ughhhh let me know if you find anything shit, lets start our own business :hello:
  12. Actually, Im not that far from you, I live in south snohomish county! (assuming you live in seattle proper)

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