Summer Heights High

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  1. has anyone here ever seen the show summer heights high? it was on hbo not to long ago

    if u haven't u need to, hilariousss
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    and its so awesome
    can believe its done
    dude has another show called we can be heroes
    i saw the first ep
    j'amie is in it too
  3. yeah ive been wanting to check it out-hbo has some good series sopranos,the wire,oz and rome-some good shit
  4. yeah haha dude the best episode is the one where he says his dad touched him loll
  5. I said puck you, with a P!

    hardly anyone knows about the show but its amazing, much love for jonah and Mr. G., but i don't like the jaime parts though.
  6. Fuck you mother fucka!! yeah that show is the shit jonah is funny as hell.
  7. Hahaha summer heights high is an awesome show. Puck you miss!
  8. ive heard of it, i hear its great but ive never seen it, where can i watch it?

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