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  1. Hello All,

    I had a really nice summer grow this year. The dry hot summer lowered my yield, but it was all good in the end!

    Blue Widow (My cross of Blueberry-F & White Widow-M)
    Easy Riders- Nice tight buds, good smoke
    Northern Lights- Excellent bud!
    White Widow- Always a favorite!
    Aurora Indica- Peppery smell, nice medicine
    Super Silver Haze- Turned out to be a male, sad over 9' tall (lesson- buy feminized for the really important ones ;)
    White Russian- awesome!
    White Widow Max- Good WW
    Wonder Woman- Great taste and high
    LSD- still curing, nice yield and great smell
    Master Kush- My favorite !!



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  2. dam i wish my grow was as good as urs

    i started out with 3 clones, 2 sisters. the sisters died in a month

    still got the other, outdoor. think nute burned it

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