Summer Bamboo Bong/Steamroller Project

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  1. Hey all, hope everyone is doing great.

    I've been looking into making a piece for myself that I can keep for a while and use whenever I smoke. It also makes for a nice, continuous summer project. I was possibly thinking of making a bong out of a Grey Goose vodka bottle, but I really did not feel like going through all the hassle of working with glass and decided to use wood instead.

    Luckily my friend has had a bamboo stick sitting in our living room since winter of 2010. He doesn't want to take home a large piece of bamboo so I offered to take some of it off his hands for my project :hello:.

    Now, I've done my share of research so far (on and off Grasscity) about bamboo bongs and their pros/cons. I know it takes quite a bit of work to make a professional feeling piece and some may ask that why would I go through such hassle to make a piece when I can buy one. My answer is that I like working with my hands and crafting items that I can use, and also it feels much more rewarding to smoke out of something you crafted yourself, just ask anyone who prides themselves on their rolling skills.

    ONTO the project:
    I pretty much have my plans laid out in my mind (soon to be put down on paper) and have my research on hand.

    - Bamboo
    - Wooden Dowel
    - Wooden Bowl

    - Saw
    - Sandpaper
    - Pocket Knife
    - Drill
    - Natural Sealant

    The main problems I foresee happening are the cracking of the bamboo while drilling/cutting (which is only solved by great and careful work) and finding a non-toxic, non-flammable, heat resistant, water resistant, and natural sealant. I really am trying to stay au naturale with this piece and I realize I am really narrowing down my options by using such selective criteria, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

    - I read somewhere on GC about using honey to caramelize my bowl, but would inhaling burnt honey be safe?

    - On the topic of the sealant being used, I came across an ehow article for a DIY Natural Wood sealant made out of beeswax and tung oil. Would that be safe to use as a sealant on the inside and outside of my piece?

    - If any of the above cannot be or should not be used on my piece, what would you suggest to use for a sealant?

    - I also read on a thread here in GC about "baking" the bamboo after the first round of sanding and drilling to help dry the wood and tighten the fibers of the bamboo. Is this necessary if my bamboo has been drying for over 6 months?

    - I would like to add some perks to the piece if it indeed is a bong, such as a percolator and an ice catcher. Is it possible to add these "extras" without splitting the bamboo stick? If so, how?

    As you can see, I do need a little guidance as this is my first time woodworking in a LONG time. But this is definitely possible and I know it can be done. I will keep updating this thread (with pictures!) if I can go through with the project.

    I also ask that anyone with woodworking/ DIY experience please chime in as this could possibly become a resource for others as well. Thanks. :)
  2. Bumping for great justice.

    I believe this could turn out very well with the help of other blades.
  3. You should make a bamboo bong with a coconut and a couple pices of bamboo I think tht would look Hella sick
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    summer project? seems more like weekend project if that. Cant wait to see the finished project. Not sure what your gunna do about percs, id say just make a strait tube.
  5. Ah yeah I saw another user with a coconut base but I would like to keep it more basic than that. Plus I have a limited amount of bamboo haha

    I said summer project just because my time is going to be limited during the summer because of school and work. But during my free time, I would have something to work on :)

    A straight tube is looking more desirable at the moment. I was thinking, though, that I could use a few small nails to pierce the bamboo around the stem and insert pieces of wood that would serve as an ice catcher. What do you guys think?
  6. One- great idea to make a bond outta bamboo

    Two- I would use the coconut for the base of the bong

    Three- if pop bottle lids would fit into the bamboo drill 4-6 holes for those bendy straws put them in and seal it for and easy perc

    Four- if you use glue at all use the water-proof shit

    Five- mineral oil and lemon oil are great natural sealants but if you want it to shine after you use the oil use that wheel of fabric and beeswax

    Theres my input it hope it helps

    Now if you don't like the idea of plastic just use a piece of dowelling and straws

  7. mabe make disk diffusers in between two pieces of bambo

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