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  1. hey was up to all you pot head and true smokes i am just wondering who here like the KOTTEN MOUTH KING ot SUBLIME i think that they are the shit who agrees?????

    Stay high,
    Reffer Nugget 420
  2. Kottonmouth kings and sublime are the SHIT! it doesnt get any better than that. u gotta get blazed when u hear that music!
  3. definitely
  4. in...sublime fan from the start...and jussssss gettin kmk...they can rock. they can keep me lifted. but no body does it better than bradley.
  5. 40oz to freedom is quite possibly one of the greatest albums ever made IMO
  6. I love Sublime and also Long Beach Dub AllStars. But I have never heard Kotton Mouth Kings. What do they sound like? Are they similar to Sublime or something? Someone let me know I might have to go buy a CD.
  7. yoooo sublime is pimp they got the best toking sounds in the world lol man there whole story is a trip but the music is mellow n pimp to smoke too but i dont see NO way in wich theyre related to KmK its like a rock and a diamond??!!great analogy lol SUBLIME ROCKS !!!!..back to my smoke...

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  8. i do love sublime, i have for years, i did before bradley died and that was so crappy. and when loudog died last october that was tragic as well! i loved their dalmation. i adore sublime and it's a tossup between zeppelin and sublime for my favorite band (i'm giving zeppelin the title because of their extensive creativity and talent).

    the KMK are cool, they're fun to listen to and some of their music carries a strong pro-legalization message which i agree with, but i have to say too i don't see how the 2 bands really relate, except the bands both smoke(d).

    Tulku the kmk is basically a bunch of stoners who rap about smoking pot & etc. they're entertaining at LEAST and i don't like much rap but i could sit here all morning long and listen to them, they're that fun. what i like about them is they basically say they do this to have fun, they're not really out to make $, etc. they don't have much marketing and aren't owned by a huge label, but they sure as HELL have a huge following! that i admire as well...

    go to their website - you can't download their mp3's but you can sure damn listen to 'em. (i think).

  9. Yeah loudog is with Bradley now..I totally forgot about that. I was a fan waaaaaay back when too..I revovled myself around sublimes music..what a talent. yeah, kottonmouth kings are completely different, but both bands are good to listen to when hizzle! ;) But the stories he told in his music..made me feel like I was out in Cali causing riots with em! gotta love it! ....burnin down corner liquor stores..stealing VCRs for my secret tweeker pad..! ;) :smoke:
  10. kotton mouth and sublime are not even similar to one another.........but kmk have some dope ish on their "royal highness" album
  11. Hell yeah Kotton Mouth Kings kick ass...You just really gotta get in to them and watch their videos to understand em..I used to listen to sublime like everyday for a month.

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