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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by BurnedMemosOf42, Mar 9, 2004.

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  1. Lately iv been thinking there is no point on this god damn earth. Im failing highschool, Im in a tight spot with my parents, and they dont trust me anymore. Basically my life just sucks. Iv been really leaning towards suicide. I dont know if i should stop smoking weed untill things clear up or what. I think the only thing that makes me want to live is bud. I dont know.. life is fucking pointless.v
  2. life isnt pointless man, think of the future. once you get out of your parents house you can do anything you want. all you need to do is put a little commitment into school and you can easily pass. give up smoking if you have to because prefering a plant over your own life isnt wrong. suicide is selfish, think of other people and who would miss you. always remember tomorrow\'s another day.
  3. man, i can honestly say to you that suicide is not the answer, my friend was in that same spot, she was raped, she would cut herself, and her parents hated her. she was going to, but she thou8ght of friends and stuff that makes her happy. what you need to do is continue to smoke pot, but put yourself in a place that makes you happy, being it change your friends, what you do, and the way you live your life.

    smoke pot

    -- nick
  4. Don\'t lean towards suicide, think of the future and what it has in store for you.

    What part of washington are you from, im from kirkland.

  5. I live in Seattle. And Im taking the advice you guys gave me. Suicide isnt the way to go. I should just try harder in school, earn my trust back with my parents, keep smoking bud, and live the high life. Plus I just got an ounce of some nice bud from my older bro. :)
  6. find a church/temple (what ever u believe in) and go to its youth group. its a place to hang out with people that won\'t make u feel like crap. you don\'t hafta listen to what they say or believe but it can\'t hurt, what else would u be doing on a sunday night??
  7. by the way, that bud is beautiful!!!
  8. hey everyones going to yell at me for saying this but life is pointless, there is no point to it at all, no reason for being, so you should have as much damn fun as you can, thats my thoughts on it, used to be a good kid and i was suicidal now i dont do as well in school and i smoke the weed, and have sex, but im happy, i honestly believe that if u cant ever be happy, suicide is the answer, but to never be happy is really impossible, let yourself be happy, stop stressin over little things, smoke chill with your buds, theres so much shit u havent expierienced that u can and so much shit u willl find happiness in later on, everybody goes through stages of depression and u should know that it will always workout, stop worryin about it, slack off a lil and have more fun, although its not the best life advice living at the moment and not for the future ensures you will be happy at the moment, least that works for me

    jus know that no matter how old you are or how bad things are theres always things to look up for more things to do and more people to meet
  9. I agree that there\'s no point in life on a larger scale, but when you think in practical terms you\'re still going to hurt the people around you, and you\'re still going to preclude any possibilities of a better life in the future by killing yourself. Even if it doesn\'t mean anything, you can still be happy.
  10. yeah i agree with the 2 above posts
  11. I don\'t agree with those last posts. Everyone CAN have a purposeful life. I suppose if you back out far enmough, nothing has any point. But that\'s ridiculous. You only get one chance at life, might as well make it matter.

  12. That\'s sort of what I was getting at. After you realize the utter pointlessness of everything, it really has no impact on your everyday life because you still experience things as if they were important.
  13. I know what your going through, I think what you need to do is a say fk you to your parents b say fk you to your school and c say fk you to what ever you hate, school is a fking festival for some teachers that are on power trips, your parents well they might have better intentions but they should ease up on you, you gatta learn to not care, you don\'t have to live antibody\'s life but yours, you can make your self a lawyer or some kind of a business man, don\'t worry if you fail school you probably wont be a bum my dad didn\'t finish college, he just finished high school, he didn\'t want to go to college cause school just isn\'t his thing, building houses and having a good family is what he wanted now he owns his own business, he makes about 55k a year which isn\'t bad, he doesn\'t expect anything from us except to be happy, and were all having fun, my mom grew up the same way your parents probably did, that is a materialistic world where our need to be a Doctor and blah blah blah ... The truth is you dint have to be a clerk at a ticket booth for a circus but you also don\'t have to be a Doctor, what ever you like doing do that, and if your grades are suffering then after the march break get your act together this is the start of the new semester for high school, so stop skipping after the march break, start paying attention in school, raise Ur hand ever once in awhile, do your homework at least every other time and fking smoke up man, there is a 100 reasons that you shouldn\'t kill your self and if you ever need somebody to talk to PM me I wouldn\'t mind just chating with you sometimes its really nice to talk to somebody who was in the same situation as you :)

  14. I agree with this in that life is all about the feeling. The feeling that you give yourself and the feeling that you give yourself. I believe that the point to life is to create hapiness within yourself and around you. And I also agree that that is almost impossible to avoid. Just stick in there. Some days will be bad, some will be good, but in the end, its always worth it to stick around until the end.
  15. One thing that keeps me going is always thinking of the good times. honestly, do what you want to do. you have one life, don\'t fuck it up. but even if you do - there is nothing worse than ending it. if your doing bad in highschool, then maybe try a little harder (yeah, that sucks). at least graduate, then go and find a job to work at. if you need to, take a break from weed to get your head straightened out, and then get busy on the rest of your life.

    oh yeah...smoke some cheeba :smoke:

  16. funny you mention that... i beleive that the entire universe(s), although very complex, have one common purpose... ... nothing.... i dont mean just like they have no purpose, but i mean like theres no such thing as purpose, feeling, or really even existence.... .. things such as pain, love, depression, excitment; they all jut exist in the mind.... they arent accually real... wont philosophiz too much...
  17. I\'m far too scared of death to even consider that a possibility. If highschool doesn\'t make you happy get a job and pursue what you love in your free time. Maybe once you experience life outside of the home and highschool for a while you can finish school and do the whole college thing. There are far too many people with less options than you that would never consider suicide.
  18. i know how u feel, i cut my wrist be4 but i realized that it wouldn\'t accomplish anything...things are bound to get whenever i think about suicide i just smoke a lot and i feel a lot better. just remember when things are that fucked that you want to kill yourself it can only get i got a hot bi girlfriend that wants to marry me (and vice versa) and a fat sack of weed! mwa ha ha ha
  19. What if life does have a point on a larger scale? If you live a fullfillful life, make the most of your time here, you get rewarded when you die, and stay rewarded for eternity. If you waste life, wish death upon yourself, others are always miserable and want to bring everyone down, you get punished eternally.

    You can think of it as heavan and hell, or if you dont believe in that than whatever you wanna think of it as. I know id love to love life, then love the after life, rather than hate life, and hate the afterlife.

    Oh yeah, and i believe suicide is one of the worst things you can ever do, ever. Its probably above murder, because not only do lots of people lose someone, they usually never get an explanation, and there is never closure because there is no one to take responsibility for it, so people start blaming themselves. Its just a chain of bad things.
    I had something else but i forgot it.

    So um, smoke more bud.... Yeah that should always work.

    Oh yeah, and it accomplishes nothing. The pain might seem like its gonna go away, but how can you be for sure? Atleast while youre here, you can try to make it better, and get help from those who love you to make it better.

    Oh yeah another thing, lol. If you wanna kil yourself because you think no one loves you, someone does.
  20. I would just like to say Thank You to all of you who have responded to my post. You guys prevented me from suicide basically, if I never posted this on grasscity and got responses back, I prolly would of shot myself with my Beretta. I think more people who have these problem should post there feeling on these forums. The weed community on this site and other are good to help get through tough times and to relate to other people. Thank you guys for everything.

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