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    $350 budget. Looking for something relatively short (probably no more than 11inches), bubbler type (with the curved neck). I really like the look of the matrix perc like on the Mobius Ion, and this is one of the pieces I am considering, but they are currently out of stock on ALT. Piece will be strictly for flower, oil around me is not often available but I have another rig for it when it is.
    Other suggestions greatly appreciated. Trying to find places that ship from US also.

  2. ALT has been restocking Mobius frequently as of late. If you're liking that piece, I'd hold out for a bit as it's likely to pop up sooner than later. They also have the Mobius NUC bubbler, which comes with the matrix perc at a lower price.
  3. Thanks Joe, any big differences between the two?

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  4. Aw man, you just popped my bubble :(
  5. The NUC is thinner- its base and can have a smaller diameter than the Ion or Clear bubblers. It is otherwise about the same height as the Ion. The NUC also has a 14mm slide joint rather than the 18mm found on both the Ions and Clears. If both are available at any point, I'd personally snatch up the Ion.

    You should also keep an eye on KultureVA. They haven't re-upped their stock in a while but they are also a US-based Mobius stockist.
  6. Look into Sovereignty glass but 350 is the perfect dollar amount right there for a Dave Goldstein rooster app which is crazy smooth and whatnot but lacks flavor. C2 glass and HBG make some nice shit too but I love my rooster.

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