suggestions for some healthy food?

Discussion in 'General' started by NYYstateofmind, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. preferably something i can whip up right now without having to go out and get shit. just assume that i have the basic things every house has.

    thanks grass city. i love you:p
  2. tuna and egg salad sandwich with ranch sauce pretty healthy protein meal :D
  3. LOL this is kinda weird

    umm..assuming you have all the basic things why cant you just think of something? seems like you would know better then anyone

    and if its basic you should be able to think of the "basic healthy foods"

    but umm...cereal? make a smoothie out of bananas or whatever you like


    i dunno .
  4. Healthy's what you want huh?

    Whole weat bread, whole wheat pasta
    boiled chicken
    baked, broiled or boiled meat
    hard boiled eggs
    steamed vegies
    skim milk
    small amount of juice
    no salt
    no surgar
    no soda, no candy
    lotsa of water

    6 small meals a day
  5. Omlet with mushies, onions, and cheese? and whatever your heart desires.
  6. peanut butter and jelly, dont know what i would do without it, and honey wheat bread

  7. grapefruits
    100 calorie brownies
  8. thanks guys. i made a nice bowl of oatmeal !:(

    id love to bite into a huge fuckin rib though like sam posted
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    Do it. Put down your horse feed eat the flesh of another living creature!

    Consume it's very essence so that you may live another day!

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