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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Wonton, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. Hey GC admins... I'm new here to this specific forum, and it's pretty damn cool, you guys chose a color scheme that fits perfect with the theme and shit, and it's just well run. I was just going to suggest this hack for vBulletin boards called "Quick Reply". I'm a member at a vB board called pbnation (, it's all about paintball), and recently they added the quick reply boxes. Lemme tell you, the convinience of being able to simply type in the message and then hitting submit without having to go to an external link is gravy.

    Is it a possibility that you could throw some quick reply boxes on this joint?


  2. no... i'm gravy..... :D

  3. I'll check it out, but I'm first waiting for vbulletin 3.0 in a month or two

  4. Hell yeah, quick reply owns!!! Do it SJ!!!

    Maybe it'll keep us from forgetting what we were gonna say by the time the we get to the reply box, my comp is slow sometimes it takes a few minutes for the reply page to load. I post on another board that uses it and it just makes the whole thing that much slicker.

    Hell yeah to quick reply, and hell yeah to SJ for having such a dope site!


  5. [​IMG]
  6. Bringing back the dead, but you ought to make quick reply truly quick reply. You ought to have it so you just click in the quick reply box and type in your message instead of having to click on a specific post's quick reply button. I mean the object of quick reply is so a blade can just type in his or her reply and just hit the post quick reply button and it's posted. The way you've got it set up now, there's an extra step involved that kind of defeats the whole purpose of quick reply.
  7. Are you really THAT lazy?
  8. It ain't lazyness man. What's the point of having a quick reply that isn't really a quick reply?
  9. It's still quicker than regular reply.
  10. and im guessing, its also a security thingy, so if GC, gets attacks by Spammer Bots, they wouldnt be able to post with much ease.

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