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suggestion...hold it in

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by big_will, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. When your chiefing make sure you take a few big hits and hold that shit in as long as you can and then some more. If you do that continuously you will get fucked up. I dont know about everybody else but when i smoke weed i smoke to get fucked up, cause it is crazy as hell. When you hold it in for a long time you will eventually cough and coughing gets most people more fucked up.

    Do you think when you start to cough that means your going to be fucked up?
  2. I dont cough much at all,but people that do seem to need less herb.
    Also holding in smoke for a long time will not get you higher tham someone who holds for a sec or two,i see no dif.myself but maby others.
  3. no difference,the main thc that gets you fucked up is inhaled within the first few questions, the rest is just a waste, in that time holding it in the bowl can be refilled.
  4. maby its just mental but i seem to get more fucked when i hold it in. I thinks everybody has certain ways of getting fucked up and that seems to help me.
  5. What your feeling is a head rush from holding air in

  6. I think it takes a few more questions to absorb all the thc.

    Haha. no but really I believe the longer a hit is held in the higher it will get you. It becomes pointless only after like 10 seconds. If you take a hit and blow it out in 1-3 seconds you are almost definitely wasting thc.
  7. While on the subject of getting fucked up.. (yeah I smoke to get f.up, no meditation or any junk like that).. Um I just ate a salad. I haven't smoked in 3 months. But since I finished the salad I feel all kinda high.. Like in the back of my head, that old familiar feeling is tingling a lil bit. Weird..
  8. THC is absorbed within 1-3 sec, any longer and your just hurting your lungs, and thats not good mmkay?
  9. I think it's HOW you hold it. When I do it, I keep inhaling (like gasping) to force the smoke into my lungs. That's why the only time I can distinguish the smell of weed of is on my first hit. After that I can't tell cuz my lungs are totally blasted from smoke.

    I dunno about all of you, but I somtimes wear a winter hat to get more head rushes. Keeps the heat in.

  10. by holding it in you only feel higher for a moment coz you are saturating your bloodstream with CO2 and CO gases instead of oxygen, thus depriving your brain of oxygen. this will make you quite dizzy, but not higher. another bad point for holding it in / taking huge hits is that the smoke penetrates deeper into you lungs and the smaller lung follicles. these are so thight that the smoke have trouble escaping, and the CO2 / CO effectively plugs parts of your system. this also pushes tar into thes small follicles that just may stick. not very healthy in other words.
  11. thccrystals; i was pretty stoned that night, sorry about that, i meant to say hits.

    stonedsoldier; what a brilliant idea, am i only thinking it's brilliant because i'm stoned, it does seem like a good idea you wear a hate even whenever you are in the house in the basement smoking?

  12. Only in the winter time. Right now it's blazing hot and I wouldn't do that. But when I'm blazing it feels like ants are dancing in my head. :)
  13. I've always heard THC absorbed in the first 5-8 seconds and thhen you're just putting toxins in your body. If you want to see how long you can hold your breath after that go for it and see if it does the same thing.

  14. lol. Hell ya puff puff puff don't sit there for 10+ sec. just holding the smoke in. In that same amount of time i could get another 5 hits off da blunt.

  15. i disagree. do you agree to disagree?
  16. nothing to disagree about really. it's true. so there.

    well, don't take my word for it, look it up, do some research.
  17. when your smoking salvia d. your supposed to hold in the smoke for ~ 20 seconds to absorb all the Salvinorin A.;)
  18. I'll hold it in about 4 or 5 seconds, then start to exhale. When i see thick smoke come out, i inhale it back in, and repeat ;)
  19. but what research has really been done to show how quickly thc is absorbed into the lungs when you are toking Marijuana??

    i bet all those "facts" about it being 1-3 second, 4-5 seconds, 8-10 seconds, 20 seconds, are all things people made up that just got spread around and blown outta preportion.

    just dont be such a bum and stop worrying about every last bit of thc. instead, just have some more fun and be more relaxed. take some more tokens. you wont notice if you lost .50$ worth of weedsmoke.

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