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  1. alright fellow blades i need a little bit of help. :smoke:
    i don't know much about electronics at all so im gonna be straight up.
    the only things i need this particular piece of equipment for is things like :
    internet browsing
    forum browsing
    real time data logging via OBD2 for some vehicles i have
    ordering goods off the internet
    so pretty much i just want it for traveling and when i need it to data log on my vehicles.
    so my main question is will a cheaper chromebook such as this one be sufficient for my needs?
    i plan on getting a prepaid data package from a provider such as verizon/at&t/straighttalk

    thanks in advance for your help friends :) & cheers :bongin:

  2. @[member="L337_L0gan"] for 3 out of 4 yes it would be fine. I don't think there is any software for the chromeOS that would do data logging. You would probably be better off with a tablet or a cheap laptop. 
  3. Cool thx a lot friend. I wouldve hated to get that and my tuning solution not be compatible with it id be taking/sending it back haha


    Are there any cheap tablets that you'd recommend ?
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    Nexus 7 is not bad. Do you know what software you want to use or if your Bluetooth dongle it?
    There are a few apps. You have to have the OBDII connector though. And I think that is like $100. The apps are only a few bucks a piece. But yeah, the nexus 7 will work with it via Bluetooth. A buddy of mine uses one in his shop. Uses it more than his Snap On MODIS
  6. @[member="fearjar"] If I remember right, the SnapOn needs constant firmware updates
  7. i use cromepro
    and hopefully soon ill be getting something that ill prob need AEM
    It can be useful....but I thought it was a heavy awkward piece of garbage for the money you pay. He seems to like his new setup though.

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