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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by whitetrash, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. currently I'm using shop-lites with 2 40 watt grow lights in each(4 footers} my question is, will this be adequate lighting from start to finish? I'm just a closet farmer.
  2. should be.....i'm using exactly the same but mine are taking ages to grow...
  3. i've spent the last 4 momths learning from my mistakes, haven't even completed 1 grow yet, how long does it take? Thx
  4. you should be ready to harvest now...I just finished an indoor grow under 400hps light and in soil and it took 3.5 months

  5. Depends on how many plants. To adequately grow pot, a plant needs an absolute bare minimum of 15 watts per square foot for veg and 30 watts per square foot for flower.
  6. yea this is correct.
    i have grown a couple plants under 240 watts of flouro.
    good luck
  7. is that 240 watts incandecent, or 240 whats fluro? :\
  8. That's 240 Watts Fluoro, Johnsy.

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