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Suddenly Dry in Washington State :[

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jayjangle, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. So for a couple of months here, I had an extremely reliable dealer. For some reason though he either changed his phone service or his number, and I cannot reach him. The friend who referred me to him is not talking to me so I am left suddenly dry and with no contacts.

    Does anyone who lives in WA state know what to do about this? Where the best places are to find new connects? Is it against the rules of the forum to ask if there are WA forum users who meet or know where connects are?

    Sorry if this thread is redundant. I am not sure what else to say about this. :[
  2. Time for a med card that's what I would do in a hot second
  3. Haha, I've heard this from a few people I know.

    I don't know what to tell you. Dispensaries never run out. :smoke:
  4. Working on it...for my birth disorder that affects my ability to exercise adequately, and causes daily joint lockups and pain. However it may be up to a month before I even get in to see a mmj doctor at the THCF, since my medical records are barren despite constantly suffering.

    Also, I feel I should correct myself. I understand it is against the rules to ask for hook ups here, and that was not my intention; I am merely asking where people find success in this state with connections, how they did it, and if there is some website or something people use to find each other.
  5. i helped my brother move into his crib when he first moved there. we went out into town and the first kid our age we saw we said what's up and let him know we were new in town and looking for bud and he took us straight to his dealer. there is bud everywhere out there man! it literally took us 10 minutes to get a connect. now he buys zips for 220
  6. Da hell you talking about? There's plenty of weed! Just gotta look ;)

    Tacoma has lots of weed to go around. :D

    And shit, I know one of my friends said one of the areas has weed "for days" as he said it. Just ask your friends, they are bound to know people! :wave: Good luck! :hello:

    Edit: I'm down here in Tacoma, I'm no help for a Bellingham resident :( so sorry!
  7. I'm close to The Couv but no where near Bellingham.
  8. I suppose I should update my profile. I started toking in bellingham but I am now in the Puyallup area.

    I am certain there are lots of weed sources here, but I am somewhat sketch about approaching random people and asking, given the amount of stings that go on with at least meth and stuff here. If anyone knows of some good ways to deal with this, that would be appreciated.

    I just want a reliable source for bud, you know. No meth, crack, sketch hallucinogens or heroin. Just good ol' green, you know.
  9. The BC is not easy to venture to from my location. Even in Bellingham, going to BC required at least a friend with a car and one person who knew the location.

    Basically, if possible, I am looking to seek someone out tomorrow. What would be the best way to do this?
  10. Get over your fear of approaching strangers.
  11. your dealor may have blocked your phone #. Try asking a friend to call them from another line. never know, might be chill.
  12. #12 Yosh139, Aug 2, 2012
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    Not any random people, your friends. Ask your friends who they know who tokes up, who knows, you could even discover that they toke! :D

    Edit: Hellur thur neighbor :smoke:
  13. idk about Puyallup but its probably similar to places like Seattle/Tacoma. Go outside and look for people who likely toke, be kinda open and ask around. just do so "carefully" even though its WA cops still arent friends. I know there are alot of festivals in seattle to attend and such, hempfest being #1
    make friends and ask through your friends. its easiest and safest :D
  14. I guess to accomplish this i should ask for some general advice about finding people the smart way.

    I would ask friends, but most of mine in the area are christian conservatives or they are against weed either way.
  15. The dealer didnt "block" his number. He simply had heat on him moved, changed his number, etc. Well try and get your MMJ card if not you gonna wear some clothing or accessories with a Pot Leaf or Bob Marley or something involving weed. That will attract some buds and don't be afraid to ask around.
  16. take a rode trip to BC theirs always bud their.
  17. Skaters are universal stoners my friend
    When i went on my road trip i went from Seattle, to Portland, to Eureka, to San Fran,
    Every skatepark i found a plug man.
    Go to the skatepark =)
  18. #18 Jayjangle, Aug 3, 2012
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    Hey that's a good idea, never thought of it.

    As for my dealer, I highly doubt he blocked me. We were always on great terms and he always returned my calls asap. However he did run into legal trouble for being drunk at a park (he's 19), and mentioned he would continue to sell but cannot toke due to being routine tested.

    Btw, question. I'm 23, so I fear it would be awkward for me to approach random kids at a skate park about bud. How would you do this? If it is not a viable option for me, where else could I try?

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