Sucking or blowing (fans that is)

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    Will a 6" Vortex fan be able to deal with sucking the heat from a 600watt hps or is it advisable to blow? I think the specs say it can handle up to 140deg temps. There will also be a carbon scrubber in the mix.

    so is it: carbon => reflector => vortex => outside
    or: carbon => vortex => reflector => outside
  2. I got basically the same setup and has the same question when i set it all up, but the rumor is dont suck the hot air from the light directly through your fan and the out, because apparently the heat can to ware and tare on the blades of the fan, but mine has got these nice thick metal blades in the inside, in contrast to a dinky 4 in duct fan i have with plastic-bendable blades inside. I came to the assumption that i didnt care and as long as the fan gets the temps down the set up should work.

    I run the system everything being pulled starting with the carbon filter.

  3. Thanks dude, I'm assuming a Vortex 6" fan will handle a 600. It has blades that would take your hand off.
  4. if you have a quality inline fan, that can support the static pressures on either end, then it wont matter which direction you orient the fan

    mine is directed to suck :D
  5. Thx for the info dude

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