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  1. This may not matter to anyone but i really need to vent. So i have been having custody issues for the past couple years with my ex constantly breaking our agreement which results in me only seeing my son once a month if im lucky. And i just heard from a few people my son has been calling her boyfriend dad instead of me...( Pisses me the fuck off BTW) Anyways I have been really close to this girl for a few years, dated and everything and now she has decided that she doesnt give a shit anymore..( It happens, whatever) Most of my friends my age are so fucking immature and just want to get sloshed every night of the week that they stopped calling or texting me because i cant afford to go out and get drunk all the time. I have some older friends but our work schedules clash so i really only see them on weekends if none of us are busy. Well now the other day i got pulled over for another operating after rev ( after my owi they get turned into criminal charges, fucking awesome right???) All the times ive gotten pulled over i was either on my way to or from work.. I have no choice but to drive, its too far away to walk and everyone i work with live the complete opposite direction, so i cant even catch a ride with someone. I live in the middle of nowhere so taking a bus is out of the question. Now the really fucked up part is I have to keep my job to pay child support, insurance for my son and to be able to pay rent and whatnot. I have this gut feeling constantly of being so lonely, empty, and useless and i honestly cant get rid of it. I thought it was the smoking that was making me feel this way so i quit for a while a few times and honestly i feel more lost without weed.( It helps take my mind of these things) Pretty much what im getting at is im stuck in a shit life with no way out for the time. It fucking sucks being so lonely, I used to talk to people everyday and now im lucky if i talk to 2 or 3 people a week. Well sorry for ranting, I just had to get that out.
  2. This pisses me off too just by reading it, classic.
    I know that feeling of emptiness, my life situation kinda sucks too right now, its just so much stress nowadays, weed is what helps me calm my mind and without it i think i would've been crazy by now. Theres no need to feel worthless just because others try to make you feel so, fuck them

    pz :smoking:

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