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  1. The other night my buddy was running me home and we decided to drive around a bit and smoke one. So we are just crusin when I notice these headlights behind us and i say "I think that's a cop". So we keep going and the headlights keep following us (keeping about a 1 block distance) finally i say "Ya man I think thats a cop" then my friend takes a look and says "Yup it is, when I pull over just follow my lead". So he parks in someones drive way and we both get out of the truck and lock it up and start walking to the front door as if we were visiting or returning. Then abut 5-10 seconds later, sure enough a silver unmarked drives by. After we leave and I'm at home my buddy txts me and says that the same cop we got away from had another car pulled over down the street from my house.

    Thats my story, sorry if there were already a lot like this on here.
  2. Shit thats tricky man.
  3. I tried that one turned out it was an off duty cop on his way home, and we pulled into his driveway...akward.
  4. Wow, I want to hear the rest of that story.
  5. Well we pull into his driveway, and sit there waiting for him to go buy. he pulls in, and asks us what we are doing in his driveway, etc. So I just told him we were lost, and asked for directions, lol.
  6. haha evading cops is easier on foot but thats just me

  7. You have to be damn good to get away in a car, that's for sure.
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    well back in oct of 2006 just after curing my crop i was about to deliver a 1/2 of dank for my first customer and i was rding my bike over there becasue its only about a mile when a cop pulls me over on my bike and asks me what i was doing riding though the wood and i say im on my way to my friends (knowing i couldnt be caught for this cuz i would probably go to jail) so i did what i never thought i would do in a milloin years. i was gonna fuck his work world up if went into the bag. so next he starts to say i have blood shot eyes and now here it comes....whats in the bag? just some video games im bringin over to my buddys arcoss the road as i extend my arm pointing across the street and he turns with a glance. i take one deep breath socked him as if my freedome depended on it. whack! right to the bottom of the eye as it opens up and he hits the ground on a tumble but i have no time to waste running wildy though the woods leaving the bike behind as he calls for backup and pursues in the now distant background. i finally after whats seems an eternity get to some houses and jump the fence but as a round the yard there r cops sirens lurking in from the distance so i ran through traffic moments before additional cops arrived and i went into wal-mart completely drenched of sweat after a mile of hoppin the fence and walking behind buildings and keeping out of sight. its been monthes now and im in the clear but it was a day that ill never forget..........i think we need to get away with a free shot on those piggies from time to time. it just weed dont harass me
  9. Good evasion man.

    Don't want those piggies ruining your high.
  10. if this is true, u have huuuuuuuuuuge balls
  11. +rep!! FUCK YEAH for knowing your headlights, it saves lives, man. It's a trick of the trade that every stoner needs to know!! Nice evasion :hello: Cheers!

  12. what is the trick with headlights?
  13. simply knowign what the headlights of a cruiser look like in your rearview.
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    I recently had a succesful evasion. I had just gotten back home from a 2 hour drive from another city, and while I was up there i chilled wit a couple of friends, and also bought a half o:bongin:. I also had a scale and a grinder. We were just nearing my house, and it was around 3:00 in the morning.

    My friends car that we were driving in isn't the stealthiest of cars, its really low to the ground and has rims and stuff. The cops in my area are really shitty, and are really shady when it comes to searching peoples cars and trampling on peoples rights. As we are driving through an intersection not even a minute away from my house we look to our right and see a cop turning left (he was waiting at a light turning towards the direction we had just come from).

    So we pass him and me and my friend notice he didn't turn left:confused:, then as we are heading towards the bottom of a hill after the lights we see him turn on to the street and start flying up behind us (we were goin 70km in a 70, he must have been goin 120ish) :eek: so we continue to go the speed limit while going up the hill, and as soon as we crest the top and get out of vision, we book it down the hill full speed, hitting 150 :devious: (ontario has street racing laws, so if you go 50km over the speed limit, it means you are street racing and you get a $5000 fine and your car gets impounded, and you'll pretty much never get insurance again. We were goin 80 over).

    We take a left into my subdivision at full speed (probably dropped it down to 100ish, cutting the corner completely and im pretty sure the cop saw that.)
    If anyone cares my friends car has a really nice suspension setup, with coil overs, new thicker sway bars, every bushing and ball joint replaced with polyurethane, solid subframe bushings, camber plates, ect. :cool:

    we fly down this street and make a left onto my house street just as the cops comin up on our ass. My rents were gone for the weekend and we were havin a house jam so my driveway was full. My friend parks the half of the car that he can on the driveway, I grab my bag and am out the door before he even stops and I run into my house:bolt:, with my friend right behind me. The cop just waits outside my house for a while then slowly drives to the end of my street and parks. I think he thought we would try to leave soon or something. :wave:

    Anyways that was probably the closest call I've had when i had illegals in my car, and I did not want to be caught with a scale. Definatly get to know what crown vic lights look like in your rear view, it has saved me dozens of time. The weed tasted extra good that night :metal::smoking:.
  15. One time me and four other of my friends were at this party and it was pretty lame and we all had some weed so we decided to go drive around and smoke...well we were just finishing up a bottle of some jack and one of my friends throws it out the window with out looking around or anything, one of my friends just happens to look behind us and says he thinks theres a cop behind us. So we keep driving and the car gets closer and we are now sure its a cop. As were discussing our options the driver pulls into a driveway with two cars and no lights on and we all just get out and walk up to this random house. The cop was just sittin at the stop sign (the house was on a corner) watching us and once we finally got up to the door he drives was crazy

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