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  1. so this guys walking through a field one day... when all of a sudden a stairway to heaven appears outa nowhere. so being the curious man that he is, the dude walks up the stairs, past the clouds and theres a doorway. he goes through the door and sees a very very hot woman naked in the room. the women says "you can either screw me or keep walking up the stairs to success". this guy can't believe that it can get any better, but he is willing to continue walking. he goes to another doorway and opens it up to find and EVEN MORE attractive woman naked (i'm talking perfect body perfect everything). so this dude is literally on cloud nine and she says the same thing, " you can either screw me or keep walking up the stairs to success".. the guy can't believe how lucky he is so he keeps going up the stairs. he finally sees the doorway and opens it up, but it slams behind him. he looks forward and sees a naked fat motorcyle guy w/ hair all over him... the naked dude looks at him and goes "my name's cess".
  2. ewww, im so namin my kid that
  3. ughhhhh, that sucks dude. nice stuff

  4. just goes to prove.....a man is never satisfied with what he's got, he always wants more. lol.
  5. lmao

    i probably would have taken the first one. fuck success.;)
  6. yeah dude, fuck success and fuck the chick!!

    hell yea hippie john!!


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